Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Fiends In the Furrows Review

The Fiends in the Furrows: An Anthology of Folk Horror is a collection of nine short stories that hew both to the earthy traditions and blaze new trails in Folk Horror. 

Fans of Folk Horror, as well as those unfamiliar with it, will find horrors galore in these stories. Themes of rural isolation and insularity, paranoia, mindless and monstrous ritual, as well as arcane ceremonies clashing against modern preoccupations run through these stories. Nosetouch Press is proud to bring The Fiends in the Furrows: An Anthology of Folk Horror to horror enthusiasts everywhere.

Emily’s Review

“No one ever leaves. Harvesting is terrible. Not harvesting would be worse.” – Lindsay King-Miller

The Fiends in the Furrows is a folk horror anthology from Nosetouch Press. There were 9 stories in here, and I had so much fun reading them!

Yesterday I was listening to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast, and Gwendolyn Kiste was on as a special guest to talk about women horror authors and folk horror with the host, Toni from Misadventures of a Reader. They were talking about how folk horror is unique because the storylines tend to be religion-focused, but the religions are a wide range – they tend to either be intensely rule-based Protestant, charismatic, or pagan. This variety was present within this anthology, and I think it’s interesting that many different religions can be involved in horror stories. I really enjoyed reading stories from different authors.

I had not read anything from these authors before, and I appreciate that I was introduced to so many I hadn’t read. Out of the 9 stories in this book, 4 were written by women – Back Along the Old Track by Sam Hicks, The Fruit by Lindsay King-Miller, The Way of the Mother by Stephanie Ellis, and Revival by ST Gibson. These were all entertaining stories, and I liked that the anthology was a good mix of women and men writers. The highlight of the collection for me was The Fruit by Lindsay King-Miller. This story was haunting and so damn good.

This book was full of unsettling and detailed stories, and I’m so glad I had the chance to read it. Thank you so much to Nosetouch Press for sending this one!

Toni’s Teaser Review

This anthology is firmly ensconced in my heart. There are so many things to talk about. But I don’t want to ruin this lovely anthology. This is probably going to be a seasonal reread for me. It felt like autumn. It felt like the stories fit the season. If you haven’t read any folk horror then this would be a great introduction. If you are already a fan of folk horror then Fiends in the Furrows would be great addition to your library.

Click here to see the full review on The Misadventures of A Reader

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