Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year New Look

Happy New Year from the Ladies of Horror Fiction team! We have been so honored to be a resource for the horror community these last several months. Part of our plan when we formed was to proceed slowly and get a deep understanding of where we are needed and what resources we can provide to you. Thank you so much for working alongside us in 2018 as we lifted up the women in the horror community. Your enthusiasm and support means the world to the LOHF team and to the women in this community.

New Look

Ladies of Horror Fiction Logo

You may have noticed a new face to our website, podcast, and social media outlets. We have much more in store for the LOHF brand in 2019!

LOHF Writing Groups

LOHF Writing Groups

An additional way we are serving women writers this year is by providing a platform for online writing groups. If you haven’t signed up to be included in one of the LOHF writing groups, please fill out this form ASAP or email you questions to lohfwriters (at) gmail (dot) com.

Women in Horror Month Readalong

Ladies of Horror Fiction Readalong of The Between by Tananarive Due

If you missed the announcement regarding our next community wide readalong, we will be reading Tananarive Due’s The Between during the month of February. For more information as well as the reading/discussion schedule, be sure to check out our Community Wide Readalong: The Between post.

Be sure to stay tuned for future 2019 readalongs as well.

LOHF Instagram Challenge

During the month of February we will also be hosting another #LadiesofHorrorFiction Instagram challenge so get your cameras and skulls ready!

Banshee Reads

LOHF Banshee Reads

Please let us know if you’d like to join in on our book club/buddy reads of LOHF books. We do read books outside of LOHF selections, but one or two books a month every month will focus on a horror book written by a female author. You can follow our group reads by using the hashtag #BansheeReads on Twitter and Instagram.

Themed Months

We are in the process of developing themed months for 2019. Our theme for this month is Scifi Horror by Women. If you would like to contribute a guest post, a book list, a review, or if you’d simply like to suggest books for us to read, please let us know!

2019 Announcements

We are very excited about the upcoming year and the plans we have made to continue supporting and uplifting women horror writers and reviewers. We will have additional announcements later in the month as we move out of the holiday season and into a new year of reading and reviewing so stay tuned!

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