Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stories of Horror: Part 2 of The Lady's Maid's Bell

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Recap of Part One of The Lady’s Maid’s Bell

Our main character Alice Hartley was in the hospital for typhoid which if you didn’t know is a awful sickness. After her release due to her physical appearance she was having trouble getting work as a ladies maid. During a chance meeting she is offered a position in the country. That is when things take a weird turn. The work is easy and her mistress is accommodating but there is a dark shadow which begins to cloud her days. From seeing a woman that no one knows to footsteps outside her door poor Alice fears that she is losing her grip on reality.

Part 2 is going to cover Chapter three to the end of the story.  If you would like to follow along the story is up on the Project Gutenberg site.

The Lady’s Maid’s Bell

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