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The "Creature" Recap

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The LOHF Instagram Challenge Weekly RecapIf you missed out previous post about “Murder”, click here.

Ah, any IG post that has a chance of featuring monsters does my little chomp’n’stomp heart happy.  What would the book world be without some creatures sprinkled in every now and again?!  I don’t even want to find out!

Tapeworms are gross and crawly and I am always reminded of that “diet fad” where people were ingesting tapeworms in pill form to lose weight (I think unknowingly???)  TERRIFYING!  Theliteraryhooker shared with us Parasite by Mira Grant and I can basically feel my insides tossing, turning, and rumbling already… and lucky for us this is the first in a series entitled Parasitology!

“A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of sickness and disease.

We owe our good health to a humble parasite – a genetically engineered tapeworm developed by the pioneering SymboGen Corporation. When implanted, the tapeworm protects us from illness, boosts our immune system – even secretes designer drugs. It’s been successful beyond the scientists’ wildest dreams. Now, years on, almost every human being has a SymboGen tapeworm living within them.

But these parasites are getting restless. They want their own lives…and will do anything to get them.”

Inspired by one of the most famous creature features, Frankenstein, tarasbookaddiction shared This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee.

“In 1818 Geneva, men built with clockwork parts live hidden away from society, cared for only by illegal mechanics called Shadow Boys. Two years ago, Shadow Boy Alasdair Finch’s life shattered to bits.

His brother, Oliver—dead.

His sweetheart, Mary—gone.

His chance to break free of Geneva—lost.

Heart-broken and desperate, Alasdair does the unthinkable: He brings Oliver back from the dead.

But putting back together a broken life is more difficult than mending bones and adding clockwork pieces. Oliver returns more monster than man, and Alasdair’s horror further damages the already troubled relationship.

Then comes the publication of Frankenstein and the city intensifies its search for Shadow Boys, aiming to discover the real life doctor and his monster. Alasdair finds refuge with his idol, the brilliant Dr. Geisler, who may offer him a way to escape the dangerous present and his guilt-ridden past, but at a horrible price only Oliver can pay…”

There’s just something about vintage dolls… and this middle-grade horror book has been called a violent, dark fairy tale.  What creatures could teamsheltie be talking about in her post of Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge?  Gotta find out!

The first things to shift were the doll’s eyes, the beautiful grey-green glass eyes. Slowly they swivelled, until their gaze was resting on Triss’s face. Then the tiny mouth moved, opened to speak.

‘What are you doing here?’ It was uttered in tones of outrage and surprise, and in a voice as cold and musical as the clinking of cups. ‘Who do you think you are? This is my family.’

When Triss wakes up after an accident, she knows that something is very wrong. She is insatiably hungry; her sister seems scared of her and her parents whisper behind closed doors. She looks through her diary to try to remember, but the pages have been ripped out.

Soon Triss discovers that what happened to her is more strange and terrible than she could ever have imagined, and that she is quite literally not herself. In a quest find the truth she must travel into the terrifying Underbelly of the city to meet a twisted architect who has dark designs on her family – before it’s too late…”

There are quite a few books in the James Asher series by Barbara Hambly, but kimberlyyerina6466 gave us the first installment, Those Who Hunt The Night.

“At the turn of the twentieth century, a former spy is called into service to hunt down a vampire killer…

Once a spy for Queen Victoria, James Asher has fought for Britain on every continent, using his quick wits to protect the Empire at all costs. After years of grueling service, he marries and retires to a simple academic’s life at Oxford. But his peace is shattered one night with the arrival of a Spanish vampire named Don Simon. Don Simon can disappear into fog, move faster than the eye can see, and immobilize Asher—and his young bride—with a wave of his hand. Asher is at his mercy, and has no choice but to give his help.

Because someone is killing the vampires of London, and James Asher must find out who—before he becomes a victim himself.”

Mother.horror wrapped up our CREATURES highlight with Kristi DeMeester’s stunning and horrifying story, Beneath.  Your jaw will definitely drop while reading this one…

“When reporter Cora Mayburn is assigned to cover a story about a snake-handling cult in rural Appalachia, she is dismayed, for the world of cruel fundamentalist stricture, repression, glossolalia, and abuse is something she has long since put behind her in favor of a more tolerant urban existence. But she accepts the assignment, dredging up long-buried memories as she seeks the truth.

As Cora begins to uncover the secrets concealed by a veneer of faith and tradition, something ancient and long concealed begins to awaken. What secrets do the townsfolk know? What might the handsome young pastor be hiding? What will happen when occulted horrors writhe to the surface, when pallid and forgotten things rise to reclaim the Earth?

Will Cora–and the earth–survive? The answers–and pure terror–can only be found in one place: Beneath.”

We shared a WIDE range and variety of creatures here today as we recapped yet another incredible day from our Instagram challenge.  What are some of your favorite “types” of creatures?  What gets under your skin the most?  We’d love to discuss in the comments!  And stay tuned next week where we discuss the one place you should always feel safe: your HOUSE.

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