Friday, September 9, 2022

We Are Here to Hurt Each Other by Paula D. Ashe

Today Teresa recommends We Are Here to Hurt Each Other by Paula D. Ashe. We hope you'll check it out! 

We Are Here to Hurt Each Other by Paula D. Ashe

"With these twelve stories Paula D. Ashe takes you into a dark and bloody world where nothing is sacred and no one is safe. A landscape of urban decay and human degradation, this collection finds the psychic pressure points of us all, and giddily squeezes. Try to run, try to hide, but there is no escape: we are here to hurt each other."

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Teresa's Review

I have been thinking about this book for a week now.  I will be thinking about it for longer.  The language is just so beautiful.  I typically say something here, like “I want to live in the language, I want to wrap myself up in these words and luxuriate in them, find comfort in them.”  But, there isn’t comfort in these pages. Not that kind of comfort. They are visceral and brutal in their beauty.  They cut to the bone, even in their seemly mundanity, the way they shine a light onto everyday horrors, magnifying the darkness that surrounds us all, even if we don’t want to believe it.  Some of the stories drop you into the middle of scene, but the world is already so rich, you aren’t left wondering where you are, what you are witnessing. You are in the story.  You are a part of the story. And the story molds you, becomes a part of you.

Some stories have elements of the supernatural, but most are based in a terrible reality where We [really] Are Here To Hurt Each Other.  Siblings who love each other so much they break each other in their protectiveness, or neglect. The things we do to ourselves in order to see what truly lies beneath. The pain we inflict on others to raise ourselves up.  The lengths cult members will go to feel absolution. What we can endure to find the real answers?  What a wife will do to please a husband?  What happens when the ones made to protect us are the ones who destroy us?  These stories are not pretty, they are not safe.  But they are exquisite. Do yourself a favor and SAV. OR. THEM. 

Please take care and read the Content Warnings in the front of the book if you need them and decide to embark on this masterpiece of a journey into the darkness and violence that inhabits every one of us.   

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