Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dismal Dreams by Red Lagoe Review

Today Alex recommends Dismal Dreams by Red Lagoe. We hope you'll check it out! 

Dismal Dreams by Red Lagoe

"Red Lagoe, author of Lucid Screams, brings us her follow up collection of horror shorts, Dismal Dreams, with a foreword by Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland, Sara Tantlinger.

Every day is steeped in horror. An inexplicable force deep in the forest. A serpent lurking in the shadows. Or the sinister thoughts forged in the deepest abyss of a tortured mind.

Lagoe offers a gamut of horrific experiences artfully woven into thirteen stories. Explore the darkness within a selfish heart, face death among ghosts, and roar into the snarling maw of a beast. Horror can be empowering if we can survive our most dismal dreams."

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Alex's Review

Supreme. Brilliant. Fantastic. I loved this more than I can even explain. DISMAL DREAMS by Red Lagoe might just be one of the best short story collections I have read so far. Each story, regardless of length, is a powerhouse all on its own. The characters in them are written so well, they are given complex feelings and thoughts, and you care for each and every one of them no matter how long they are on the pages. These stories ended with punches to the stomach and my jaw on the floor. The twists and turns had me all over the place in the best way. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, Lagoe took me for a totally different journey. I was disappointed when I turned the page and realized that story was going to be over and simultaneously elated that a new world was about to be painted right in front of me.

These stories are PHENOMENAL! Some of these characters are going to stick with me for a long time. Some of these stories are still on my mind at the forefront days after finishing. My favorites are: "The Creation of Man," "Shutter Stop," "Flicker," "A Cold Day In Hell," "Never Have I Ever," and "Doll House." But each story in here is five stars for me.


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