Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Between Review

It’s still hard to believe that The Between was Tananarive Due’s debut novel, isn’t it? Regardless of what star rating we all gave the book in the end, we all had to acknowledge that for a debut novel, she knocked it out of the park. This was a book that left all of us guessing on what would happen next and what would happen to some of the family in the end.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered together some of the LOHF crew’s individual reviews of The Between below.

This lady could write like this right off the bat? Holy crap. Considering Due’s bibliography since The Between, she has delivered on the promise of her first book and then some.


Lilyn’s full review:

… this is a book rife with stress, marital woes, suspense and a flawed protagonist who makes a lot of mistakes.


Laurie’s full review:

This story is a haunting descent into madness, and I was thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading it. 


Emily’s full review:

If you are picking this up for the first time, be prepared for “wait, what’s happening” but have faith that all will culminate in an ending that makes you sit back and go…whoa. 


Tracy’s full review:

It was emotional, and I oftentimes experienced discomfort in how much Due toyed with the mental states of her characters; their lives truly took a traumatising turn and that downward spiral was dammed scary. 


Cat’s full review:

Reading this book was effortless in the way that Due chose her words and told her story. Conversely, reading this book was heart-wrenching and gave me anxiety at times due to the subject matter.


Alex’s full review:

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