Thursday, March 14, 2019

LOHF Shelf Edition: Cassie

It’s time for another Ladies of Horror Fiction: Shelf Edition! This time we’re chatting with Cassie Daley, who has some of the most eye-catching shelves on social media. Cassie is a reviewer, blogger, Etsy artist, and also reps for A Stranger Dream and Abominable Book Box.

Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books?

I’m also always going to recommend this forever, but INTO THE DROWNING DEEP (and the prequel novella, ROLLING IN THE DEEP) by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire) are two of my absolute favs of the last couple of years. I’m super into ocean related horror, and the mermaidesque creatures in these books are so creepy and amazing!

I’ve also been loving horror poetry lately (thank you, Emily!), and I’d highly recommend I AM NOT YOUR FINAL GIRL by Claire C. Holland as well as LOVE FOR SLAUGHTER by Sara Tantlinger – both are incredible.

What LOHF books do you have on your TBR?

I’m planning on reading GARDEN OF ELDRITCH DELIGHTS by Lucy A. Snyder next month, and along with it I plan to read THE RUST MAIDENS by Gwendolyn Kiste, which I just recently got and features cover art by the same artist as GARDEN (Daniele Serra). I haven’t read anything yet by Lucy, but Gwendolyn is one of my favorite new-to-me authors and I’d recommend anything by her.

Where do you find recommendations? Are there any LOHF books that have been recommended to you that you loved?

A variety of places, all online – bookstagram, Twitter, Goodreads, book bloggers; the list is endless! I often screenshot my friend’s posts recommending books so that I can save them for later when it’s “book buying time”, or I lose myself in a rabbit hole of book browsing via search tags & “you may also like…” suggestions.

The LOHF account is one that I get a bunch from, as well as the people that contribute to it! Without the suggestions for horror poetry, I wouldn’t have even known that was a genre – and it’s so up my alley that not knowing would have been a tragedy!

Where do you shop for books?

I find a lot of books at thrift shops – surprisingly, a lot of really good condition ones that aren’t super old! I think it’s just the luck of living in my area, but I always find really awesome gems that I’ve seen recently on bookstagram or Twitter.

For newer books, I try to buy from authors directly whenever possible, both to support them and also because I’m one of those people that really enjoys having a little handwritten note inside. I’ve bought duplicate copies of books before just so I could get one that was signed – it’s a good reason to give your spare copy to a friend!

If I don’t know that the author is offering to sell them firsthand, or if I see that they’re promoting buying on Amazon, I’ll go that route.

Are there any upcoming LOHF releases you’re excited about?

Oooh, yes! THE INVITED by Jennifer McMahon is out on April 30th and the folks over at Doubleday Publishing were kind enough to send me an ARC that I’ve been eyeballing on the shelf all week. I love a good haunted house story!

Where can people find you on social media?


Thank you, Cassie! We love your shelves!

If you are interested in showcasing your shelves please let us know in the comments and we’ll be in touch.

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