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LOHF Award Nominees for Best Collection

The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is pleased to present the 2020 Ladies of Horror Fiction Award Nominees for Best Collection.

The nominees are:

All That’s Fair, S.H. Cooper
Bluebeard’s First Wife, Ha Seong-nan
Halloween Season, Lucy A. Snyder
Lucid Screams, Red Lagoe
Sed de Sangre, V. Castro

All That's Fair by S.H. Cooper

All That’s Fair by S.H. Cooper

A maiden looking for love in all the wrong places.

A mother in an endless search for missing children.

A crone whose passing is marked by the tinkling of tiny bells.

All That’s Fair is a collection of twenty-two short horror stories themed around women who are made up of anything but sugar, spice, and everything nice. Be they human, ghost, or something else entirely, one thing holds true for all: These are not the girls you’ll find (or want) next door.

Published August 13th 2020 | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about S.H. Cooper, visit S.H. Cooper’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

Bluebeard's First Wife by Ha Seong Han

Bluebeard’s First Wife by Ha Seong-nan

Disasters, accidents, and deaths abound in Bluebeard’s First Wife. A woman spends a night with her fiancĂ© and his friends, and overhears a terrible secret that has bound them together since high school. A man grows increasingly agitated by the apartment noise made by a young family living upstairs and arouses the suspicion of his own wife when the neighbors meet a string of unlucky incidents. A couple moves into a picture-perfect country house, but when their new dog is stolen, they become obsessed with finding the thief, and in the process, neglect their child. Ha’s paranoia-inducing, heart-quickening stories will have you reconsidering your own neighbors.

Translated edition published June 16th 2020 by Open Letter | Goodreads | Bookshop | Amazon

To learn more about Ha Seong-nan, visit Ha Seong-nan’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

Halloween Season

Halloween Season by Lucy A. Snyder

Halloween is the most wonderful part of the year for many of us. For dedicated fans, the season begins when the leaves start turning autumn colors and doesn’t finish until Hallowtide ends in November. With it comes a whole lot of fun: scary movies and stories, haunted houses, seasonal sweets, spooky decorations, costume parties, and of course trick or treat. But Halloween is also a deeply spiritual time for some; it’s an opportunity to remember and honor loved ones who have passed on.

Master storyteller Lucy A. Snyder has filled her cauldron with everything that Halloween means to her and distilled it into a spell-binding volume of stories. Within these pages you’ll find thrills and chills, hilarity and horrors, the sweet and the naughty.

One of the best things about Halloween is you don’t have to be yourself. So go ahead and try on a new mask or two… you may discover hidden talents as a witch, a pirate, a space voyager, a zombie fighter, or even an elf. This is the perfect collection to celebrate the season of the dead or to summon those heady autumn vibes whenever you like. You may even find a couple of tales that evoke a certain winter holiday that keeps trying to crowd in on the fun.

In the worlds within this book, every day is Halloween!

Published October 5th 2020 by Raw Dog Screaming Press | Goodreads | Bookshop | Amazon

To learn more about Lucy A. Snyder, visit Lucy A. Snyder’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

Lucid Screams

Lucid Screams by Red Lagoe

Mythical creatures, inner demons, and fear are a few forms in which monsters present themselves. When confronted by such savage beasts, the vulnerability of humanity is often exposed. Will we rise above, or will we succumb to our inevitable demise? These sixteen horror stories by Red Lagoe explore the supernatural as well as human horror associated with grief, guilt, severed relationships, and severed limbs.

Published February 28th 2020 by La Red Books | Goodreads | Bookshop | Amazon

To learn more about Red Lagoe, visit Red Lagoe’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

Sed de Sangre by V. Castro

Sed de Sangre by V. Castro

Three short erotic horror stories about bloodlust: Carnival of Gore will fly you down to Rio where the vampires have congregated for their annual feast. The Four Horsemen Inn is a sad tale of sex during the apocalypse. Snake Hips is by far the hottest of them all. Do you dare enter The Pink Agave Motel?

Published March 10th 2020 | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about V. Castro, visit V. Castro’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction Award winners will be announced later this month!

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