Saturday, July 17, 2021

LOHF Award for Best Graphic Novel

The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is pleased to announce the 2020 Ladies of Horror Fiction Award for Best Graphic Novel.

The Low, Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado

The Low, Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado
(Art by Dani)

When your memories are stolen, what would you give to remember? Follow El and Vee as they search for answers to the questions everyone else forgot.

Shudder-to-Think, Pennsylvania, is plagued by a mysterious illness that eats away at the memories of those affected by it. El and Octavia are two best friends who find themselves the newest victims of this disease after waking up in a movie theater with no memory of the past few hours.

As El and Vee dive deeper into the mystery behind their lost memories, they realize the stories of their town hold more dark truth than they could’ve imagined. It’s up to El and Vee to keep their town from falling apart…to keep the world safe from Shudder-to-Think’s monsters.

Collects issues # 1–6.

Published September 29th 2020 by DC Black Label | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about Carmen Maria Machado, visit Carmen Maria Machado’s profile in the LOHF Directory.

Congratulations to Carmen Maria Machado and the 2020 nominees for Best Graphic Novel:

Devil Within, Stephanie Phillips, art by Maan House
Dracula, Motherf**ker,
Alex de Campi, art by Erica Henderson
Monstress, Vol. 5,
Marjorie M. Liu, art by Sana Takeda

Stay tuned as we continue to announce the 2020 Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards!

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