Wednesday, November 1, 2023

What We've Been Reading | November 1, 2023

 Need a mid-week dose of horror? We're here for you.

Silent Key by Laurel Hightower

A detective, supernatural mystery with elements of Nick Cutter’s The Deep, Peter Benchley’s Jaws and Stephen King’s Firestarter.

After the loss of her husband under mysterious circumstances, former Detective Cam Ambrose learns how little she truly knew him. Reeling with the grief of her loss and the realization that the man she loved was a stranger, she must learn how to keep her young daughter safe from a world of the supernatural she never knew existed. With the help of her best friend Dimi and reclusive neighbor Eric Morgan, she sets out to solve a decades-old mystery entangling the machinations of an obsessed killer, her husband’s mistress, and a series of deadly hauntings.

Heather's Teaser Review

"This book had me dreaming about water. I think because I was thinking about it so much. It's a bit mystery meets ghost story. I didn't know who to trust until the last page. I was questioning everyone."

Read Heather's entire review at Goodreads.

Saint Grit by Kayli Scholz

One brooding summer, Nadine Boone pricks herself on a poisonous manchineel tree in the Florida backcountry. Upon self-orgasm, Nadine conjures a witch that she calls Saint Grit. Pitched as Gummo meets The Craft, Saint Grit grows inside of Nadine over three decades, wreaking repulsive havoc on a suspicious cast of characters in a small town known as Sugar Bends.

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Teresa's Teaser Review

"This novella packs a punch in a small space. There are scary moments, filthy moments, off-putting moments, all delivered in a wry, fresh way."

Read Teresa's entire review at Goodreads.

The Shoemaker's Magician by Cynthia Pelayo

A fabled lost movie. An increasing body count. How much do you risk for art?

Paloma has been watching the Grand Vespertilio Show her entire life. Grand, America’s most beloved horror host showcases classic, low-budget and cult horror movies with a flourish, wearing his black tuxedo and hat, but Paloma has noticed something strange about Grand, stranger than his dark make-up and Gothic television set.

After Paloma’s husband, a homicide detective, discovers an obscure movie poster pinned on a mutilated corpse on stage at the Chicago Theater, she knows that the only person that can help solve this mystery is Grand. When another body appears at an abandoned historic movie palace the deaths prove to be connected to a silent film, lost to the ages, but somehow at the center of countless tragedies in Chicago.

The closer Paloma gets to Grand she discovers that his reach is far greater than her first love, horror movies, and even this film. And she soon becomes trapped between protecting a silent movie that’s contributed to so much death in her city and the life of her young son.

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Tracy's Teaser Review

"Wow. Just wow. This book me hooked me immediately and I followed Pelayo wherever she planned to lead me. A mash up of crime and horror and mythology and Chicago and film history; I was here for it all. It grabbed my horror heart and my mom heart and I loved every second of it."

Read Tracy's review at Goodreads.

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