Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Preliminary Stoker Ballots Are In!!!

Awards season is upon us and the LOHF is really excited!! Just have a look at this list of amazing books by women that have made it to the preliminary round in the Stoker Awards.

Superior Achievement in a Novel

  • S.P. Miskowski – The Worst Is Yet To Come (Trepidatio Publishing)
  • Lee Murray – Into the Ashes (Severed Press)

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

  • Gemma Amor – Dear Laura (Independently Published)
  • Melissa Prusi and Steven Hopstaken – Stokers Wild (Flame Tree Press)
  • Michelle Renee Lane – Invisible Chains (Haverhill House Publishing)
  • Rachel Eve Moulton – Tinfoil Butterfly (MCD X FSG Originals)
  • Sarah Read – The Bone Weaver’s Orchard (Trepidatio Publishing)
  • Caitlin Starlin – The Luminous Dead (Harper Voyager)

Superior Achievement in a YA Novel

  • Amelinda Bérudé – Here There are Monsters (Source Fire Books)
  • Ann Dávila Cardinal – Five Midnights (Tor Teen)
  • Shea Ernshaw – Winterwood (Simon Pulse)
  • Liana Gardner – Speak No Evil (Vesuvius Press)
  • Dawn Kurtagich – Teeth In the Mist (Little Brown Books for Young Readers)
  • Kate Alice Marshall – Rules for Vanishing (Viking Books for Young Reads)
  • Jacqueline West – Last Things (Greenwillow Books)

Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel

  • Marjorie Liu – Monstress Volume 4: The Chosen (Image Comics)

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

  • J.S. Breukelaar – Like Ripples on a Blank Shore (Collision: Stories) (Meerkat Press, LLC)
  • Pam Jones – Ivy Day (Spaceboy Books)
  • Farah Rose Smith – Anonyma (Ulthar Press)
  • Anna Taborska – The Cat Sitter (Shadowcats) (Black Shuck Books)
  • Sara Tantlinger – To Be Devoured (Unnerving)
  • Kaaron Warren – Into Bones Like Oil (Meerkat Press)

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

  • Kiste, Gwendolyn – “The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra’s Diary)” (Nightmare MagazineNov. 2019, Issue 86) 
  • Landry, Jess – “Bury Me in Tar and Twine” (Tales of the LostVolume 1: We All Lose Something!) (Things in the Well Publishing)
  • MacKenzie, Brooke – “The Elevator Game”(Who Knocks? Magazine Issue #2)
  • O’Quinn, Cindy – “Lydia” (The Twisted Book of Shadows) (Twisted Publishing)

Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection

  • Kat Howard – A Cathedral of Myth and Bone (Gallery/Saga Press)
  • L.S. Johnson – Rare Birds (Traversing Z Press)
  • Kate Jonez – Lady Bits (Trepidatio Press)
  • Sarah Read – Out of Water (Trepidatio)

Superior Achievement in a Screenplay

  • Issa Lopez – Tigers are not Afraid (Filmadora Nacional, Peligrosa)
  • Teresa Sutherland – The Wind (Soapbox Films, Divide/Conquer, Mind Hive Films)

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

  • Jennifer Brozek – A Secret Guide to Fighting Elder Gods (Pulse Publishing)
  • Octavia Cade – Sharp & Sugar Tooth: Women Up To No Good (Upper Rubber Boot Books)
  • Ellen Datlow – Echoes (Gallery/Saga Press)

Superior Achievement in Non Fiction

  • Beal, Eleanor and Greenaway, Jonathan – Horror and Religion: New Literary Approaches to Theology, Race, and Sexuality(University of Wales Press)
  • Earle, Harriet E.H. – Gender, Sexuality, and Queerness in American Horror Story: Critical Essays(McFarland)
  • Eighteen-Bisang, Robert and Miller, Elizabeth – Drafts of Dracula (Tellwell Talent)
  • Heller-Nicholas, Alexandra – Masks in Horror Cinema: Eyes Without Faces (University of Wales Press)
  • Kröger, Lisa and Anderson, Melanie R. – Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction(Quirk Books)
  • Stobbart, Dawn – Videogames and Horror: From Amnesia to Zombies, Run! (University of Wales Press)

Superior Achievement in Short Non-Fiction

  • Kiste, Gwendolyn – Magic, Madness, and Women Who Creep: The Power of Individuality in the Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Vastarien: A Literary Journal Vol. 2, Issue 1)
  • Renner, Karen J. – The Evil Aging Women of American Horror Story (Elder Horror: Essays on Film’s Frightening Images of Aging, McFarland) 
  • Robinson, Kelly – Film’s First Lycanthrope: 1913’s The Werewolf (Scary Monsters Magazine #114)
  • Weich, Valerie E. – Lord Byron’s Whipping Boy: Dr. John William Polidori and the 200th Anniversary of The Vampyre(Famous Monsters of Filmland, Issue #291)

Superior Achievement in Poetry

  • Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti – The Place of Broken Things (Crystal Lake Publishing)
  • Octavia Cade – Mary Shelley Makes a Monster (Aqueduct Press)
  • Amanda Crum – Tall Grass (Independently Published)
  • Deborah L. Davitt – The Gates of Never (Finishing Line Press)
  • Donna Lynch – Choking Back the Devil (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
  • Zoe Mitchell – Hag (Indigo Dreams Press)
  • Michelle Scalise – Dragonfly and Other Songs of Mourning (LVP Publications)
  • Marge Simon and Bryan D. Dietrich – The Demeter Diaries (Independent Legions Publishing)
  • Kyla Lee Ward – The Macabre Modren and Other Morbidites (P’rea Press)
  • Stephanie M. Wytovich – The Apocalyptic Mannequin (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

The LOHF wants to congratulate all preliminary ballot authors!!! But we are especially happy to see so many amazing women on the preliminary ballot.

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