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Tidepool by Nicole Willson | Book Review

 Today Teresa recommends TIDEPOOL by Nicole Willson. Check it out!


Tidepool by Nicole Willson

"If ye give not willingly, the Lords will rise…

In 1913, Henry Hamilton disappeared while on a business trip, and his sister, Sorrow, won’t rest until she finds out what happened to him. Defying her father’s orders to remain at home, she travels to Tidepool, the last place Henry is known to have visited. Residents of the small, shabby oceanside town can’t quite meet Sorrow’s eyes when she asks about her brother.

When corpses wash up on shore looking as if they’ve been torn apart by something not quite human, Sorrow is ready to return to Baltimore and let her father send in the professional detectives.

However, after meeting Ada Oliver, a widow whose black silk dresses and elegant manners set her apart from other Tidepool residents, Sorrow discovers Tidepool’s dark, deadly secret.

With this discovery, some denizens of Tidepool—human and otherwise—are hell-bent on making sure Sorrow never leaves their forsaken town.

Lovecraftian dark fantasy gets a modern treatment in this terrifying debut novel."

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Teresa's Review

Tidepool is a town that will have no welcome sign, no invitations for tourists to visit. If you want the boardwalk experience, take your business to Ocean City, please and thank you. Sadly, a real estate developer didn’t not get this message and he turns up missing. Sorrow cannot rest easy knowing her only brother has disappeared without a trace, so she makes her way to Tidepool, the last place he was seen alive. And it may be the biggest mistake of her life. This book is full of creeping dread and sulking atmosphere, the mysteries of the ocean’s depths singing its dark siren song.

P.S. Sorrow, I feel you, girl, I would most likely fail as a Pescatarian (absolutely no shade to Pescatarians).

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