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Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing by Hailey Piper | Book Review

Today Cassie recommends YOUR MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING by Hailey Piper. Check it out!


Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing by Hailey Piper

"Communications specialist Alto’s shift aboard the starship M.G. Yellowjacket turns hellish after waking from a tryst to learn every crewmate has vanished. Worse, a sinister presence has crawled aboard the ship. It’s violent, destructive, and it can reach into your thoughts to make you see and feel what it wants.

Anxiety-ridden Alto might be the least-qualified person to face a creature that can hack minds like computers. Only a perilous journey to the ship’s bridge can reunite comms specialist with crew and give them a chance to call for help.

But the intruder only scratches the surface of this crisis, and discovering the truth will bring Alto face to face against a nightmare beyond flesh and thought.”

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Cassie's Review

I was so excited when Hailey Piper announced a spacey horror book, omg! This was everything I could've hoped for and more, tbh. I wasn't sure what to expect and even several chapters into it, you don't really know what's going on. It's not til pretty close to the end that things start to fully make sense and come together, and I loved the way the tension and terror built up - alongside extremely well-placed comedy and sweetness by little sidekick Zelany, who is probably one of my favorite characters in a book ever, I love him so much, lol.

I also loved the unlikely pairing of gory brainguts and mental health subtext -- just so good, the whole thing. A lot packed into a tiny package, and one of my top reads of the year! It's like if Star Trek & a horror movie had a book baby in novella form -- love it so much!

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