Friday, January 13, 2023

Out of Aztlan by V. Castro | Book Review

Today Heather recommends OUT OF AZTLAN by V. Castro. We hope you'll check it out!

Out of Aztlan by V. Castro

"An ancient goddess rises up from an inverted temple in a lake of blood to purify the earth. Two pearl divers plot revenge against the Spanish merchants who enslave them. A mutant species of jellyfish fueled by garbage heaps wreaks havoc on beachgoers. Aided by mermaids, a pirate known as The Scorpion and her all-female crew challenge a corrupt king. And back on dry land, a mother avenges the daughters of her community with a very special batch of ancho chili salsa.

V. Castro's spirited characters come alive in her uniquely playful, fiery style, from a vengeful lobster to a mother willing to put her life on the line for justice. In these and other stories, the descendants of Aztlan-the mythical homeland of the Aztec people-work to overthrow their oppressors and usher in the dawn of a new world.”

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Heather's Review

Freaking fantastic! It's just incredibly fantastic.

Let's talk about these amazing short stories. The book is about 186 pages so it's a quick read, but it will hype you up and make you want to pillage, right wrongs, and destroy.

All the stories are fantastic, but let me tell you about my favorite ones.

At the Bottom of my Lake of Blood

This story was just beautiful in a destroy everyone who sucks way. I definitely support this.


I want this to be its own book. I want more. I want to see it all come together because the cartel and amoeba virus is something the world needs.

Palm Beach Poison

Just chef's kiss. This mom is amazing, and I loved it.

This book has everything culture, love, deadly creatures, pirates, poison, REVENGE, and mermaids, and it's all gift wrapped in 186 pages. Why haven't you read it yet?

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