Friday, January 20, 2023

Briardark by S.A. Harian | Book Review

Today Heather recommends BRIARDARK by S.A. Harian. Would you look at that beautiful cover?!

Briardark by S.A. Harian

"Survival and cosmic horror collide in this new series, perfect for fans of LOST and House of Leaves.

For Dr. Siena Dupont and her ambitious team, the Alpenglow glacier expedition is a career-defining opportunity. But thirty miles into the desolate Deadswitch Wilderness, they discover a missing hiker dangling from a tree, and their satellite phone fails to call out.

Then the body vanishes without a trace.

The disappearance isn’t the only chilling anomaly. Siena’s map no longer aligns with the trail. The glacier they were supposed to study has inexplicably melted. Strange foliage overruns the mountainside, and a tunnel within a tree hollow lures Siena to a hidden cabin, and a stranger with a sinister message…

Holden Sharpe’s IT job offers little distraction from his wasted potential until he stumbles upon a decommissioned hard drive and an old audio file. Trapped on a mountain, Dr. Siena Dupont recounts an expedition in chaos and the bloody death of a colleague.

Entranced by the mystery, Holden searches for answers to Siena’s fate. But he is unprepared for the truth that will draw him to the outskirts of Deadswitch Wilderness—a place teeming with unfathomable nightmares and impossibilities.”

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Heather's Review

This book was a trip! A trip I don't want to take!

I love books like this. Books like what? I bet you are asking yourself.

It starts off fine with a lovely expedition, and then we no longer know which way is up or which way is down. The author is able to show that without confusing you, and that takes a lot of skill.

The characters are great with their own lies and backstories they interweave and mesh so well together.

My least favorite thing about this book is that I have to wait for the next one, but trust me, I will be waiting for it.

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