Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Waif by Samantha Kolesnik

Today Alex recommends WAIF by Samantha Kolesnik. We hope you'll check it out! 

Waif by Samantha Kolesnik

"Angela has everything she thought she ever wanted—a successful husband, a lavish house, and a bottomless fortune.

But the sight of a strange man in a grocery store one night reawakens her dormant sexuality and soon Angela embarks on a dangerous descent into the world of underground pornography and back-alley plastic surgery.

As the stakes get higher, long-buried memories resurface and Angela finds herself enamored with Reena, a fetish film performer. With some help from a queer gang called The Waifs, Angela is forced to make the decision between her unhappy upper-class life and the treacherous world of underground film."

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Alex's Review

Samantha Kolesnik has once again delivered a dark, raw story that's so creative and beautifully written. Angela, our main character, is in this extremely toxic and lackluster marriage which leads her down her own path of sexual re-awakening and dark obsession. Both her and her husband make bizarre decision after decision, and we can only watch in horror from behind the pages shouting at these characters as they are on a path of self-destruction. Fueled by trauma and abuse, this story plays with plastic surgery and underground fetish porno in a way that I just could not look away. Leave it to Kolesnik to blow my mind wide open with WAIF.

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