Friday, November 18, 2022

Man-Beast by Deborah Sheldon Review

Like cryptids?! Do we have a book for you! Alex and Laurie review MAN-BEAST by Deborah Sheldon. 

Man-Beast by Deborah Sheldon

Taylor’s Travelling Troupe of boxers has set up its tent at an isolated sheep station: bored farmers always bet to excess. Headlining the bare-knuckle fighters is Bluey, marketed as ‘The Man-Beast’, a Sasquatch-like monster, chained and kept drunk enough to fight punters without killing them. But the troupe has returned to where Bluey was first captured. Recognising the mountains, he calls again and again. And when his call is answered, all hell breaks loose.

Alex's Review

MAN-BEAST by Deborah Sheldon takes a different approach to the "sasquatch/bigfoot" tropes in that it's not some psychotic creature in the middle of nowhere picking off humans one by one. In this novella, a traveling club of fighters kidnap and control a beast and keep it so drunk that it can't really ever kill but can still fight. And humans are going to be humans... and make a profit wherever they can. Humans really are the worst. And in a lot of cases they are the real monsters. All hell breaks loose. The story goes wild in the best way. There are some great scenes, true friendships, and devastating betrayals. I don't know a single cryptid fan who will not devour this novella and then run off and tell all their friends.

Laurie's Review

A traveling fight club decides to kidnap a beast, keep him drunk enough so he can't kill anyone and force him to fight so they can profit. What a bunch of dicks, omg. Anyhow, some humans get eaten and let me tell ya they almost all deserved it!

There's adventure, action, and even a few tender moments. If you like stomp and chomps I think you're going to love this wild novella.

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