Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Exposed Nerves by Lucy A. Snyder Review

Today Alex recommends EXPOSED NERVES poetry by Lucy A. Snyder. We hope you'll check it out! 

Exposed Nerves poetry by Lucy A. Snyder

"Exposed Nerves continues the explorations into dark poetry by Stoker Award winner and Shirley Jackson Award nominee Lucy A. Snyder, pairing the author's sly wordplay and imagery with grim introspection. By turns challenging, wryly amusing and gut-wrenching, Snyder's work plumbs bittersweet catharsis and maps a survivor's path through dangerous worlds, both the real and the horrifically imagined."

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Alex's Review

Lucy Snyder's collection of poems, EXPOSED NERVES, is another example upon many of how talented she is with wordsmithing and phrasing. This collection is full of biting examples on social commentary and the daily horrors we face. Something doesn't have to be dripping with blood or chasing you with a knife to be scary. We face terror every day in seemingly mundane ways. Snyder's social commentary and raw approach to a lot of topics and themes will resonate with so many in this collection.

Some of my favorites include: "Scary," "Employee Recognition Day," "Salty," "It Only Hurts When I Dream," "October," "Chronic," "Romantic Overture 6," and "The Disney Gap."

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