Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Blood & Dirt by Corey Niles Review

Today Teresa is here to recommend BLOOD & DIRT by Corey Niles.

Blood & Dirt by Corey Niles

Vincent depended on his boyfriend, James, to stand up for him—until a violent hate crime results in James’s murder.

Weeks after his funeral, James reappears, perfectly healthy but changed in ways that neither of them can quite understand. Now, Vincent must uncover what truly happened on the night they were attacked.

In the face of an apathetic police force and a growing number of missing gay men, Vincent and James work to identify the criminals who attacked them.

Teresa's Review

Blood & Dirt starts with a hate crime.  And the pages that follow are blood soaked and pain filled. But, the story takes turns that I was not expecting and I enjoyed the ride.  Much of this book deals more with Vincent coming to terms with the loss of James, the confusion when James comes back, and the fallout of realizing that being yourself still isn’t always safe or accepted.

This is another of those books that I don’t want to give too much away since following the trail along with Vincent is what makes this read so appealing, so I am not going to say much more. However, Blood & Dirt does deal with the terror of being a marginalized person in a world still brimming with hate for “the other” and that can be a brutal awakening.   

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