Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Invention of Ghosts by Gwendolyn Kiste

Today Cassie recommends The Invention of Ghosts by Gwendolyn Kiste. We hope you'll check it out! 

The Invention of Ghosts by Gwendolyn Kiste

"It starts with rapping in the ceiling and spirit boards that know them a little too well.

Everly and her best friend aren’t your typical college students. Instead of raucous Saturday night parties, they spend their weekends conjuring up things from the beyond. Ectoplasm, levitation, death photography - you name it, and Everly knows all about it. But while this obsession with the supernatural is only supposed to be in good fun, the girls soon discover themselves drifting deeper into magic and further from each other. Then when one evening ends with an inadvertently broken promise, everything they’ve ever known is shattered in an instant, sending them spiraling into a surreal haunting. Now Everly must learn how to control the spectral forces she’s unleashed if she wants any chance of escaping a ghost more dangerous than all the witchcraft she can summon.

From the Nightscape Press Charitable Chapbooks line (one third of all sales of this chapbook will go to support the National Aviary), a tale of the occult, unlikely phantoms, and complicated friendships, The Invention of Ghosts is the latest strange vision from the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens."

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Cassie's Review

"Were their pills and pens and empty promises really stronger than me? Because nobody weak had ever survived so long shackled to a ghost like you."

Gwendolyn Kiste is one of my most highly rated auto-buy authors; I've read 3 or 4 other books by her so far, and will keep grabbing every new one she writes because I've never given any of them less than 5 stars.

The Invention of Ghosts is a story about friendship and sadness; it's about not fitting in until you do, and then doing everything you can not to slip back from that safe place you've found. There are themes of healing and longing, and it's incredible that the author packs so many different things into such a short number of pages. I love stories about friendships, especially between girls, and this one was so well done - the vibes, the atmosphere, the writing, all of it beautiful. Highly recommend.

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