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2022 Resolutions: LOHF Author Edition

IS IT REALLY 2022 ALREADY?! It feels like we blinked, and all of 2021 disappeared right out from under us!

The new year always provides a chance to reflect on how the previous one went – and for good reason! Looking back and honestly identifying what we do and don’t like about our lives and the kind of people we’ve been can be difficult, but it can also be extremely helpful in creating the sort of life that we want for ourselves. What better time to do that than right after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, when we’re finally able to relax and recenter a little?

Did you accomplish all you wanted to last year? Did you spend your time in a way that, upon reflection, makes you happy? Were meaningful connections made, were friendships solidified? Did you put yourself first, or was 2021 spent with you on the backburner?

For a lot of us, the term “resolution” can be hit or miss. Some people prefer a list of clearly outlined goals to aim for achieving each year, while other folks may choose not to make any goals at all come January, preferring to live every day as an opportunity for reflection & improvement. Whichever camp you fall into, know that all of us here on the LOHF team are wishing you a very bright & Happy New Year!

For the second year in a row, we spoke with over 20 incredible writers in the horror genre about what they’re hoping to accomplish in the new year, and we’re very excited to share their answers with you.

In 2022, I hope to read in a freer way, less bound by imaginary ticking clocks on my TBR list, and more by what I’m feeling in the moment, what I’m gravitating toward. While I do want to reach 100 books this year, I believe I can do so without berating myself over how long it’s taking to get to this book or that one.

Hailey Piper, author of QUEEN OF TEETH | Twitter

My 2022 resolution is to just keep going. To keep pushing forward, no matter what happens next. The last two years have been challenging to say the least, and as much as I want to be optimistic about the coming year, I’m not expecting the chaos to let up anytime soon. So my main focus for now is simply to keep going, keep writing, and keep doing the best I can, come what may. It’s at once the easiest resolution I’ve ever had, but given the current state of the world, it may well be the hardest too.

Gwendolyn Kiste, author of RELUCTANT IMMORTALS | Twitter

My main writing resolution for 2022 is to produce a second novel I can be proud of (everything you’ve ever heard about the ‘difficult book two’ is all true, oof). I’d also really like to write more short stories; I’m going to be part of the starting line-up for a new weird fiction magazine (Cloisterfox) and I’m hoping that’ll start the year off right for me. Reading-wise, I’m a hugely voracious reader but have noticed how Anglo-centric much of my horror diet is. I’d like to read more world horror and horror in translation!

Ally Wilkes, author of ALL THE WHITE SPACES | Twitter

I actually laughed when looking over my 2021 bookish/writing resolutions because I think I completed maybe one of those. So, I think for 2022, my resolutions are going to be redefined as loose goals I’m slowly working toward. One of them is for sure to finish a novella I started that features my favorite combination — glitter and gore! I am also shopping around a completed novel manuscript, so I’m determined to keep going with that until it finds a great home, and I will definitely be promoting the heck out of the upcoming anthology I’m editing, Chromophobia. Otherwise, I am taking 2022 one day at a time, and if I don’t read or write as much as others, that’s perfectly fine. Like I said last year and consistently stick by, ‘quality over quantity.’

Sara Tantlinger, author of THE DEVIL’S DREAMLAND | Twitter

My 2022 author resolution is to read for fun! It’s been a whirlwind of deadline after deadline and my reading for pleasure has completely fallen to the wayside. I want to do this for my own sanity, but also support others in the horror community. I’m so grateful for everyone and hope to pay it back.

V. Castro, author of MESTIZA BLOOD | Twitter

My writing resolution for 2022 is to be more mindful and deliberate with what I work on. I’m always multitasking, usually because I have too many irons in the fire, and it leaves me feeling frantic and disjointed. I want to give each story the benefit of my full attention and thought—I may not finish as many projects, but I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more!

Laurel Hightower, author of CROSSROADS | Twitter

To sell a couple of projects to studios and finish two novellas that have literally been haunting me for years.

Rhonda J. Garcia, author in TWISTED ANATOMY: A BODY HORROR ANTHOLOGY | Twitter

I’m going into 2022 with no real expectations, an air of caution, and an armful of possibility. I’m hoping to read more nonfiction, looking forward to reading a ton of vampire stories, and am certain I’ll be swimming through a sea of spooky children’s books as I settle in with my little one and introduce them to a world of magic and imagination. On the writing front, I’m hoping to add some more essays to a current project, tie up some loose ends with a few short stories, and then lose myself in lots of letters and poetry, but mostly, I’m going to just ride the creative storm as it rages next year and see what inspiration hits as things in my life change and shift and blossom into something new.

Stephanie M. Wytovich, author Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare | Twitter

Over the past two years I’ve kept a journal where I set myself attainable writing goals, and my productivity has greatly improved. Not least, it’s also helped me to not feel guilty about taking the time to rest as much as work. I’m going to keep using it in 2022, when I will also be releasing my first novel—a gothic fantasy mixed with speculative memoir.

TL Wood, author of SEEDS | Twitter

My resolution for 2022 is to keep building a new me – one who doesn’t bend over backward for people who don’t care in return and is learning her worth and value, one who continues to showcase, assist, and shout out women writers and artists foremost, focus on my family even if that means setting boundaries, make time for my own writing dreams and for more reading, and hopefully, keep helping writers of all types with their editing needs as well as helping Raw Dog Screaming Press and Corpus Press with PR needs. Most of all, I’m going to try to throw guilt to the side and know I’ve always done, and will do, the best I can. I want to be a good role model for my two daughters in all I do.

Erin Al-Mehairi, author of BREATHE. BREATHE. | Twitter

This past year really taught me to go inward more and to not be distracted by everything going on in the world. I can’t control what is happening around me, but I can control what I say, think and feel. In focusing on me more these past few months I finally was able to realize that happiness really does come from within. So, I’m just going to continue focusing on quiet and stillness and meditation, which have helped me so much especially with my health, creativity and writing. In terms of my overall writing career, I have a few projects in the works, so I’m going to enjoy working on them, and just trusting in the universe that whatever opportunity belongs to me will find me.

Cynthia Pelayo, author of CHILDREN OF CHICAGO | Twitter

In 2022, I hope to be more forgiving toward the writer in me. To not view her through such a critical lens, and to offer grace on the days when the words are hard to pull out. To soften my own expectations and to accept the guilt I feel on the days when the well is dry.

Kristi DeMeester, author of SUCH A PRETTY SMILE | Twitter

In 2022, I’m planning to do… less! The second half of my year is going to add a whole new level of chaos to my life, and as much as I’m going to be rushing to get things wrapped up ahead of that, I don’t want to skid into Round 2 already burned out. So setting boundaries, making sure my expectations of myself are reasonable, and pacing myself are the name of the game! This applies to both writing and reading (and pretty much everything else…)

Caitlin Starling, author of THE DEATH OF JANE LAWRENCE | Twitter

My writing resolution for 2022 is to get my stories finished! I have a whole pile of half-completed story ideas and novel drafts that have been sitting neglected and now I feel I have the skills to polish them up and submit them, so that’s going to be my main focus. I would like to have as much of my work out there being read as possible!

Antonia Ward, author of MARIONETTE | Twitter

My resolution is to write more short stories and finish more of the stuff I already have on the backburner. I’ve got a few works that I haven’t been able to finish this year because I got a full-time job (very exciting!!!), so I want to get those done too. I’d also really like to be involved in another online conference! I was part of Rural Gothic’s Cult symposium and it was an absolute blast.

Kirby Kellogg, author of TRAMPLED CROWN | Twitter

My 2022 resolution is to keep writing and be kinder to myself. Every new word is an accomplishment, and every revision and rewrite helps me hone my craft. Oh, and I’m going to try to make a dent in that TBR pile.

Christine Makepeace, author of THE SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS (AND OTHER WEIRD TALES) | Twitter

In 2022, I am taking a long break away from general art commissions for the first time in years. I really want to spend this year focusing on writing my books, drawing personal portfolio pieces, and working on helping launch my first video game later in the fall. I’ve worked on so many projects with wonderful author friends that it’s weird to focus on my work for a change, but I’m really excited to share my personal art and books and turn inwards to share what I love to do with others.

Cat Scully, author of JENNIFER STRANGE | Twitter

I have goals instead of resolutions. I find them friendlier! My main goal is to find homes for the three novellas I have that are completed. I’d like to harness my brain and focus on that as much as possible (wish me luck). Of course, I’d like to try writing horror sub genres I’ve never written before. It’s always fun (mostly) to try something new. I’d also like to put down the phone and pick up books more often. Less distraction is a big goal!

Ali Seay, author of TO OFFER HER PLEASURE | Twitter

My big writing goal for 2022 is to push myself to write things that challenge my creativity and my expectations for myself! I’m used to focusing on shorter pieces, so I’m pushing myself to use the next year to focus on longer projects, new formats, and to experiment with genres. I’m also hoping to be kinder to myself and to find more of a work/life balance.


First up, I’m one of those annoying soft types who doesn’t like to call them ‘resolutions’- in this day and age being resolute about anything in the face of massive global events utterly beyond my control seems not only unfeasible but also unrealistic. I prefer the idea of goals, not because I like sports analogies, but because aiming for a loose goal and maybe hitting it or maybe not seems like a more sane strategy for navigating the vagaries of life than pinning myself to a specific target or resolution that I can then beat myself around the head with once I haven’t achieved it. And in general, I think this adequately sums up my goal for the year: to basically be a lot nicer to myself, both inside and outside of my life as an author. By that, I mean the following: learning to say ‘no’ to things I don’t feel comfortable doing, writing selfishly again wherever possible, communicating boundaries clearly to others, disengaging from work when it threatens to consume or overwhelm me, and learning how to rest every now and then, which I am notoriously shit at. I also plan on doing a lot of work on my self-esteem, actively seeking out people, activities and materials that help me get a handle on my shocking dysmorphia, which has escalated a lot under the conditions of a pandemic. So yeah, that’s the goal for 2022- be really fucking nice to myself, and hopefully, that should see me right through to 2023 when hopefully, life will look a little more like the ‘normal’ we were all used to and we can all have a massive hug, dust ourselves down, and climb back into the proverbial saddle once more.

Gemma Amor, author of SIX ROOMS | Twitter

This year, I want to write and publish 4-6 books. It’s a goal that scares me, but I’m excited to crush it.

Briana Morgan, author of MOUTH FULL OF ASHES | Twitter

As always, HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful authors that shared with us this year! Stay tuned for our next resolution post, which will feature goals from the Ladies of Horror Fiction team.

Cassie is one of our prolific contributing reviewers and helps with interviews and website content.

Find her online at her blog, Twitter as @ctrlaltcassie, or over at her Etsy store, where she has amazing original art prints, cross stitch kits, bookmarks, coloring & activity books, and more!

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