Wednesday, March 17, 2021

What We've Been Reading #88

Today our team members are sharing three recent and recommended reads with links to complete reviews. All come very highly recommended and we hope you’ll find something you’ll love!

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Little Feasts by Jules Archer

Following her successes from All the Ghosts We’ve Always Had, critically-acclaimed flash fiction writer, Jules Archer, returns to the dinner table with Little Feasts, her debut short story collection. The stories are a table-long buffet of femininity, a lying tree, childhood innocence, toxic masculinity, and a 20-pound cast-iron skillet. Works within have been featured in Five:2: One, SmokeLong Quarterly, Maudlin House, PANK, and more.

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Audra’s Teaser Review

I was delighted and shocked by this horror collection, and it left me hungry for more. Archer has a perfect sense of timing, consistently giving the reader a twist or catch when they least expect it, even when the story is only two pages long.

Read Audra’s entire review at Goodreads.

Infernal by Cheryl Low

The locals call it Isla de los Perdidos – Island of the Lost. According to the legends, those who venture onto the shores of this cursed island never return.

Valarie DeNola and her sister Julie have chosen to ignore the legends and the warnings. They have been selected to lead a team of explorers to the island to discover the mystery surrounding it. But once ashore, they become cut off from the outside world, and what they discover is something they could never have prepared for.

Now they must fight against an unknown presence that is picking them off one by one. No one can be trusted, and when even nature rises up against them, all seems lost. Their one hope is the extraction team they know is coming.

But will any of them survive to see it arrive?

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Toni’s Teaser Review

I really enjoyed the pacing of this story. Once the characters hit the ground running you were swept right along with them. The action didn’t actually stop until the end of the story.

Read Toni’s entire review at The Misadventures of A Reader.

The Bell Chime by Mona Kabbani

“Can you hear the bell chime?”

A girl suffering from paralyzing night terrors finds a missing poster hanging from the door of her apartment building. On that poster is a photograph of a frighteningly familiar face.

It’s her.

Only, she’s never seen this photo before and something about its grin scares her. How its eyes seem to follow her no matter where she finds herself in the room.

Over a series of strange events to follow—events that will make her question whether her sanity is still there or fleeting—she must discover:

What is real and what is the nightmare?

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Emily’s Teaser Review

The Bell Chime is one of my favorite horror stories this year! It’s creepy and fascinating, and I was fully invested while reading it. 

Read Emily’s entire review at Goodreads.

Laurie’s Teaser Review

The Bell Chime is unnerving from the very beginning and it’s getting all five of my stingy stars.

Read Laurie’s entire review at Goodreads.

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you found something to add to your tbr list. Please share your recent reads with us in the comments below.

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