Monday, January 4, 2021

2021 Resolutions: LOHF Team Edition

I reached out to some amazing #LOHF authors last month to share their 2021 resolutions with the community, and it was a blast being able to see the sorts of things that the writers I look up to are aiming for this year.

In that same vein, I wanted to know what the other folks on the Ladies of Horror Fiction team had on their bookish goals list. This team is comprised of some of the hardest working folks I’ve ever known, and I’m endlessly amazed at their drive and dedication to the genre, and to boosting up women writing horror. I’m super grateful to them for welcoming me into the team last year, and for agreeing to do this post!

Check out our team member reading resolutions below, and feel free to share yours in the comments or with us on social media.

Reading more diversely! Whatever the genre, I want to read more books by BIPOC and lgbtqia authors that feature diverse characters

Audra | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

I plan to spend more time mood reading and catching up on books I’ve been wanting to read. I’d also like to spotlight more middle grade and young adult horror in 2021.

Jen | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

Read 150 books!

Emily | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

I plan to suck less at reading this year. 😹

Laurie | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

One of my goals is to stop putting off book club books and read-along books until the day before discussing or discussion posts – and read more books I own!

Alex | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

I plan to prioritize my own likes and dislikes for reading/reviewing this year, with less of a focus on what’s popular, trending, or putting pressure on me – reading for the fun of it again! More diversity, more variety, more GREAT books!!

Cassie | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

Continue and increase reading diverse books. Add in more of my own book purchases to keep me happy happy.

Tracy | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookstagram

My resolution for 2021 is to just keep reading.

Toni | Twitter | Bookstagram

Cassie is one of our prolific contributing reviewers and helps with interviews and website content.

Find her online at her blog, Twitter as @ctrlaltcassie, or over at her Etsy store, where she has amazing original art prints, cross stitch kits, bookmarks, coloring & activity books, and more!

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