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2021 Resolutions: LOHF Author Edition

2020 has been a mixed bag for us all, hasn’t it? Last New Years feels like it happened a decade ago instead of just 12 normal months. I’m sure I’m not the only one ready to say goodbye to the last year, and welcome the next one with open arms!

In our excitement to prepare for the year ahead, we thought it’d be fun to ask a few authors in the horror community to contribute some of their bookish or writing related New Years Resolutions for us to share with all of you! From blogging to new books, let’s see what some of our favorite #LadiesOfHorrorFiction have planned for 2021!

I’ve never been very good at making (or keeping!) New Year’s Resolutions, but for 2021, I’m just hoping to have a little more fun, both as a writer and a reader. 2020 has been such a hard year for all of us, so next year, I’m definitely aiming to take out more time and enjoy the process as a writer and my time as a reader. Sometimes, in the chaos of life, it can be easy to lose sight of how lucky we all are to be part of such a great genre with so many fantastic writers, reviewers, and readers; if nothing else, I’d like to focus on that more for 2021.

Gwendolyn Kiste, author of Boneset and Feathers | Twitter

During 2021, I plan to keep reading and collecting the books that catch my eye. I might even tackle several 800+ page epics I have on my TBR pile. I also hope to write up a storm & spend more time with the (many) neglected first drafts sitting on my hard drive. Grinning face with smiling eyes

Yolanda Sfetsos, author of The Bone Factory | Twitter

My writing resolution is to write every day!

Briana Morgan, author of Unboxed | Twitter

Every year, I set a goal to read 100 books. For 2021, I’m not setting a goal at all. I want to see what happens when I read without something constantly measuring me against other people or feeding me statistics–Goodreads, I’m looking at you, kid. I’ll be curious to see how this changes my reading habits and speed, and I’m low-key hoping the freedom will quiet the you’re-not-reading-enough voice that often lives in my head and just let me enjoy the act of getting happily, pleasantly lost again.

Stephanie M. Wytovich, author of The Apocalyptic Mannequin | Twitter

I’d really like to write more short stories. I’ve written five novels in the last couple of years, none at less than 70k words, but really struggle with short-form. Horror lends itself so perfectly to the short sharp shock, though, that I’d really like to remedy that – and ideally get a collection of stories out by this time next year. Once I’ve written the lesbian splatterpunk Western I have planned, anyway!

Nat Edwards AKA TC Parker, author of Saltblood | Twitter

As far as writing resolutions for 2021 go, I have a goal to use my blog more (I have some fun ideas that I’m really excited about!), to also work on more short fiction, and to finish this ocean horror book I started! My other goal, which is something I tell myself every year, is to stop comparing my productivity to other writers. Social media can be great, but it can also make you feel so behind or like you’re not successful enough. I’ll take quality over quantity any day!

Sara Tantlinger, author of Cradleland of Parasites | Twitter

2021 will see me relocate to my rural roots and begin writing full-time. I’m hoping the landscape will turn the pages as surely as Tommy, Betty and Fiddler turned the Wheel in the Five Turns!

Stephanie Ellis, author of The Five Turns of the Wheel | Twitter

For 2021, I want to cut down on swearing in my writing. HAHAHAHA ok but really, my resolutions for my writing are the same as for the rest of my life: to be braver, more patient, and more forgiving.

Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads | Twitter

My 2021 resolutions: to remember that reading and writing are for me FIRST. To write for the sheer pleasure of it—without worrying about who will see it, or where or if it will be published. To read more of what lights me up, and to follow my own reading interests unabashedly. To remember why I love reading in the first place—and that it has nothing to do with racking up some arbitrary number on goodreads, and everything to do with bringing me joy.

Lisa Quigley, author of Hell’s Bells | Twitter

I resolve to finish the various short stories I started in 2020, especially the ones meant for my next collection, “Someone to Share My Nightmares.”

Sonora Taylor, author of Seeing Things | Twitter

Don’t laugh. I bought a planner. This may sound small, but I’m so bad with writing things down. Yes, I have an insane memory. So I usually never write things down, but age has crept up on me and now it’s so difficult to keep track with my schedule and my kid’s schedules and husband’s schedule so my New Year’s resolution to help me be a better writer is to write down and plan better. I didn’t say I’d be totally organized. I just said better. Small steps.

Cynthia Pelayo, author of Children of Chicago | Twitter

For 2021, I hope to finish my current horror WIP about a young woman struggling to find her inner strength as evil threatens. I’m also excited to finish my MFA in Writing and, hopefully, begin a career in editing!

Nico Bell, author of Food Fright | Twitter

Black Angel Press will be launching, a horror indie press I’ll run with Steph Ellis. I personally will be writing a YA timeslip supernatural gothic novel.

Alyson Faye, author of The Lost Girl & Spindleshanks

My writing resolution is to get my first short story collection out into The Universe, along with a non-fiction book proposal. Happy writing!

Rhonda J. Garcia | Twitter

my writing resolution for 2021 is to get more stories out there, and to hopefully publish a book that is big enough to have my name on the spine!

doungjai gam, author of watch the whole goddamned thing burn | Twitter

As a writer, for many reasons, 2020 saw me having neglected my poetry and short fiction collections I had already finished writing in 2019. I plan to find homes for, and/or self-publish, my 2-3 poetry collections and 1-2 short fiction collections, with hopefully a few being available in 2021. I plan to continue to write my novella and novels in progress, and not only write more poetry and short fiction, but to get them sent to market. As a woman-owned business, I plan to not only cultivate my current services, but to begin focused work toward my goal of publishing select others as well. And somehow, I’m adding to my schedule getting in more reading time – probably by bribing myself with gummy candy and milk duds.

Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, author of breathe. breathe. | Twitter

For over a year I have been in a liminal headspace. 2020 said, “Get ready to be thrown in the deep end!” There were moments of great success and times I didn’t want to open my eyes ever again. There is a Mexican stone sculpture of the Aztec Moon goddess, Coyolxauhqui. She is a woman with a body in pieces. I was so taken by her I included her in my story Templo Mayor. I’ve been in pieces for a long time and now finally coming into my own. The pandemic forced me to. I’m better for my personal tribulations. So 2021? I’m my authentic self doing what I love. There will most likely be big changes and ‘m okay with that. My resolution is to be the best version of myself with an open heart to whatever life has in store. And two book releases.

V. Castro, author of Goddess of Filth | Twitter

I resolve to add even more descriptions of delicious food to each piece I write, making myself just hungry enough to fail in my second resolution. I resolve to stop rubbing my hands together and cackling madly when I’m writing a good scene, because, frankly, it’s freaking out my cat. I resolve to rewrite the book that I resolved to rewrite in 2019 and 2020. I resolve to spend less time talking about my writing plans on social media, and more time actually writing these things.

Jill Girardi, author of Hantu Macabre | Twitter

Big thank you to the authors who participated & shared their 2021 goals with us! We had a lot of fun reading them, and will be sharing our own LOHF Team Member resolutions soon!

Cassie is one of our prolific contributing reviewers and helps with interviews and website content.

Find her online at her blog, Twitter as @ctrlaltcassie, or over at her Etsy store, where she has amazing original art prints, cross stitch kits, bookmarks, coloring & activity books, and more!

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