Wednesday, November 11, 2020

What We're Reading #71

We have three recent reads to share with you today! We feature an anthology of ghoulish delights, a haunting tale about a woman trying to make sense of her past and a collection of dark little gems.

We hope you find your new favorite book and don’t forget to click either tag above to find more good books ♥

Graveyard Smash, Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 2

Step through the prettiest cemetery gates you’ve ever seen and experience tombstone raves and widow’s dances, Japanese snow-spirits, Aztec bruja and temple goddesses, vengeful ghosts, djinn and cannibals, vampire hunters, plague bearers, graverobbers, and terrors beyond reason. Read through the night as the dead rise from boneyards all around the world!


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Audra’s Teaser Review

What I loved about this collection was the sheer range of the stories. From the graveyard to Hades to a temple in Mexico and beyond, these stories will take you on a wildly horrific ride all across space and time. I loved the diversity of characters and tropes that the writers took on.

Read Audra’s entire review at Goodreads.

Theme Music by T. Marie Vandelly

Theme Music by T. Marie Vandelly

An utterly propulsive and unpredictable psychological thriller from stunning new talent T. Marie Vandelly

For the lucky among us, life is what you make of it, but for Dixie Wheeler, the theme music for her story was chosen by another long ago, on the day her father butchered her mother and brothers and then slashed a knife across his own throat. Only one-year-old Dixie was left alive, infamously known as Baby Blue for the song left playing in the aftermath of the slaughter.

Twenty-five years later, Dixie is still desperate for a connection to the family she can’t remember, so when her childhood home goes up for sale, Dixie sets aside all reason and moves in, re-creating a macabre decor with her family’s salvaged furniture. But as the ghosts of her family seemingly begin to take up residence in the home that was once theirs, Dixie starts to question her own sanity and wonders if the evil force menacing her is that of her father, or a demon of her own making.

In order to make sense of her present, Dixie becomes determined to unravel the truth of her past and seeks out the detective who originally investigated the murders. But the more she learns, the more she opens up the uncomfortable possibility that the sins of her father may belong to another, and, perhaps most tragically, to Dixie herself. As bodies begin to pile up around her, Dixie must find a way to expose the lunacy behind her family’s massacre and redeem what little remains of her soul.

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Alex’s Teaser Review

Holy chalupas another 5 star read! THEME MUSIC sits at just under 400 pages and I finished it in a matter of hours. I could NOT stop myself! It’s the story of Dixie Wheeler, whose mother and brothers were butchered by her father before he ran a knife across his own throat when she was 18 months old. It’s 25 years later and she’s moved BACK into that house.

Read Alex’s entire review at Goodreads.

Lucid Screams by Red Lagoe

Mythical creatures, inner demons, and fear are a few forms in which monsters present themselves. When confronted by such savage beasts, the vulnerability of humanity is often exposed. Will we rise above, or will we succumb to our inevitable demise? These sixteen horror stories by Red Lagoe explore the supernatural as well as human horror associated with grief, guilt, severed relationships, and severed limbs.

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Laurie’s Teaser Review

Lucid Screams is a collection of short stories that is a nice mix of tragedy, grief, and creeping dread-fests with enough dark humor thrown in there in the middle so you won’t have to worry about falling into a pit of despair and in need of rescue.

Read Laurie’s entire review at Goodreads.

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