Friday, July 10, 2020

LOHF Award Nominees for Best Novella

The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is pleased to present the 2019 Ladies of Horror Fiction Award Nominees for Best Novella.

The nominees are:

Dear Laura, Gemma Amor
The Ladderman, Angela Archer
The Festering Ones, S.H. Cooper
Halloween Fiend, C.V. Hunt
To Be Devoured, Sara Tantlinger

Dear Laura by Gemma Amor

Dear Laura by Gemma Amor
Book cover featuring a hand holding two pulled teeth

Every year, on her birthday, Laura gets a letter from a stranger. That stranger claims to know the whereabouts of her missing friend Bobby, but there’s a catch: he’ll only tell her what he knows in exchange for something…personal.So begins Laura’s sordid relationship with her new penpal, built on a foundation of quid pro quo. Her quest for closure will push her to bizarre acts of humiliation and harm, yet no matter how hard she tries, she cannot escape her correspondent’s demands. The letters keep coming, and as time passes, they have a profound effect on Laura.From the author of Cruel Works of Nature comes a dark and twisted tale about obsession, guilt, and how far a person will go to put her ghosts to bed.

Published July 2nd 2019 | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about Gemma Amor, visit her profile in the LOHF Directory.

The Ladderman by Angela Archer

The Ladder Man Book Angela Archer Book Cover

A rhyme and a game will summon him by name…

Buried in the walls of the Phoenix Hotel lies a dark and deadly past. After a hotel worker is brutally murdered, Detectives Golding and Turnbull arrive to head up the investigation.

Meanwhile, rumours of the legendary Ladderman spread. Rik Slater and his friends don’t take it too seriously…until his friends start dying.

Rik realises the legend is real and he will be the next victim. Terrified by his future, Rik has to decide whether to go it alone or trust the police. They’ve failed to help him before, will they be able to help him now?

Will anyone be able to stop the Ladderman?

If you enjoy real-life characters, bloody murders, and death lurking in the shadows, then this novella is right up your street.

Grab your copy of ‘The Ladderman’ and discover the bloody truth today.

Published May 30th 2019 by TYG Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about Angela Archer, visit her profile in the LOHF Directory.

The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper

The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper

A monster lurking in the mountain.

A mysterious cult seeking a doorway.

An otherworldly evil waiting to be unleashed.

Faith York was a young girl when she saw her father dragged into the ground by a spider-armed woman, never to be seen again. Twenty years later, the events of that day continue to haunt her, and her need for answers has only grown stronger with time. After her estranged mother’s death forces her to return home, old wounds are reopened and Faith finally decides to face her demons. What started as a search for closure soon pits her against a shadowy cult known as The Gathered and the eldritch beings they worship. With reality becoming more blurred by the day and the thousand eyes of an alien deity fixed on her, Faith must decide if the dark secrets of White Crow Mountain are really worth losing herself over.

Published October 4th 2019 | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about S.H. Cooper, visit her profile in the LOHF Directory.

Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt

Halloween Fiend by CV Hunt

Strang isn’t the small, quaint town it appears to be. It’s haunted every night by a creature the townsfolk refer to as Halloween. Once the sun sets each day, Halloween emerges to collect its treats: a small, live offering from each household. The residents comply because no one wants to be the target of Halloween’s tricks. But the nightmare of residing in Strang is nothing compared to the yearly ritual Halloween demands of the citizens on All Hallows’ Eve.

Published February 16th 2019 by Grindhouse Press | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about C.V. Hunt, visit her profile in the LOHF Directory.

To Be Devoured by Sara Tantlinger

To Be Devoured by Sara Tantlinger

What does carrion taste like? Andi has to know. The vultures circling outside her home taunt and invite her to come understand the secrets hiding in their banquet of decay. Fascination morphs into an obsessive need to know what the vultures know. Andi turns to Dr. Fawning, but even the therapist cannot help her comprehend the secrets she’s buried beneath anger-induced blackouts.

Her girlfriend, Luna, tries to help Andi battle her inner darkness and infatuation with the vultures. However, the desire to taste dead flesh, to stitch together wings of her own and become one with the flock sends Andi down a twisted, unforgivable path. Once she understands the secrets the vultures conceal, she must decide between abandoning the birds of prey or risk turning her loved ones into nothing more than meals to be devoured.

Published July 29th 2019 by Unnerving | Amazon | Goodreads

To learn more about Sara Tantlinger, visit her profile in the LOHF Directory.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction Award winners will be announced later this month!

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