Monday, March 2, 2020

February 2020: Monthly Recap

This month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team celebrated Women in Horror Month and Black History Month. Thank you so much to V. Castro, Kathleen Kaufman, Jennifer Barnes, Annie Neugebauer, Jessica Guess, and R.J. Joseph for joining us this month with some amazing guest posts. Be sure to check those out below! And thank you to Stephanie M. Wytovich for sharing her shelves with us this month. Be sure to check out all of our reviews and features from February!


What We’re Reading #37

What We’re Reading #38

What We’re Reading #39

What We’re Reading #40

News and Announcements

February 2020 LOHF New Releases
Each month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team posts all of the books we are aware of that will be releasing during that month.

Special Topics and Guest Posts

Shelf Edition: Stephanie M. Wytovich
Our February guest for Shelf Edition is another of our favorite Ladies of Horror Fiction authors, Stephanie M. Wytovich!

Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Women in Horror Month

Guest Post: Drinking From the Devil’s Cup by V. Castro
“Tables come in all shapes and sizes, but every table has finite places. What are you supposed to do when that table is occupied, and no one wants to give up their seat?”

Guest Post: Everyday Horrors by Kathleen Kaufman
“The truth is, that horror comes naturally to me, because I, like so many others, was taught to expect it.”

Guest Post: Burning Bright: How Women Poets Conquered Horror Poetry by Jennifer Barnes
“It’s been exciting to watch the discussion around Women in Horror Month expand over the years from why we need it, to how to support women in horror.”

Guest Post: Women in Horror by Annie Neugebauer
“I’ve written for Women in Horror Month more times than I can keep track of anymore, and I’ve still scarcely scratched the surface.”

Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month Guest Post: Dear Horror, Do you Love Me? Check Yes or No. by Jessica Guess
“If you identify as a woman and love horror, then February is your time to shine. As a black woman who loves horror, this month is especially significant because February has the distinguished honor of being both Black History Month and Women in Horror Month.”

Black History Month Guest Post: We Can be Better, Horror Peeps by R.J. Joseph
“If someone who loves you painfully but unconditionally can’t hold you to a higher standard of inclusivity and equity while motivating and imploring you to be better, who can? “

Horror Movie Maven

Horror Directors for WIHM
“It’s February and cold outside! But let’s ignore the snow and snuggle up with books and films to celebrate Women in Horror Month.”

YA/MG Horror Spotlight February 2020
Check out the books that were released in February as well as what our team has been reading and reviewing.

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