Monday, December 2, 2019

November 2019: Monthly Recap

If you missed any of the reviews from the Ladies of Horror Fiction team this month, be sure to check those out below. We also shared some relevant guest posts during the month of November in honor of Transgender Awareness Week. Thank you again to Alice Collins and Hailey Piper for those amazing posts. And thank you to Sam for sharing her shelves this month as well!


What We’re Reading #26

What We’re Reading #27

What We’re Reading #28

News and Announcements

November 2019 LOHF New Releases
Each month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team posts all of the books we are aware of that will be releasing during that month.

Special Topics and Guest Posts

Shelf Edition: Sam
This month our guest for Shelf Edition is Sam from The Literary Hooker!

Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Transgender Awareness Week

Guest Post: The Inherent Power of Words to Describe Oneself by Alice Collins
Words are a powerful thing. I’ve struggled with them a lot over the years. Especially with trying to find the right descriptors.

Guest Post

Guest Post: The Intimacy of Monsters By Hailey Piper
I adore cosmic horror, but it isn’t what I usually write.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve penned a couple, but I’m happier leaving that scale of world-ending dread to P.L. McMillan and Caitlin Kiernan.

Young Adult and Middle Grade Horror Spotlight

YA/MG Horror Spotlight November 2019
The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is putting a spotlight on Young Adult and Middle Grade horror each month.

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