Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Plan a Halloween Movie Marathon

This is the month, y’all, we made it to October, where it’s Halloween every day, and no one can persuade me otherwise. One of the best parts of Halloween month is that everyone else condones the dark and weird stuff you like year round, which includes good old fashioned horror movies! So, if you don’t already have big party plans for the big day, why not plan a creepy, cozy movie marathon? If you’re staying home, you know you’re not going to be able to stray far from the living room as the parade of ghouls lines up at your door for candy, so I’ve got some great picks for your All Hallow’s Eve partying needs!

What’s for Dinner?

Before trick-or-treating on Halloween, you definitely want to eat a hearty meal. And as any good horror fan knows, you might be the one on the menu! These cannibalistically inclined films will start your night off with the right frights.


dir. Julia Ducournau | 2017 | Amazon | Vudu

Honestly, you might want to wait to eat until after watching this one (the finger!). A coming-of-age horror tale of a vegan at med school and a hazing gone awry. She isn’t who she thought she was. . .


dir. Antonia Bird | 1999 | Hulu | Amazon

I’m partial to this one since it’s inspired by real stories of Colorado cannibalism. A dark and atmospheric survival thriller that brings the cannibal trope to an Old West setting, this gruesome tale will definitely fill you up!

Monster Mash

Maybe you’re feeling a bit left out, looking at all the trick-or-treaters in their awesome costumes, wishing you’d dressed up. Or maybe you’re just feeling out of it because you don’t get any of the pop culture references and have to keep asking everyone what they are? (Who’s Lizzo? Doesn’t anyone dress up as a werewolf anymore?) These movies will help catch you up to speed.

The Babadook

dir. Jennifer Kent | 2014  | Amazon | Hulu

This tense and dramatic mom-against-beast story is still one of my favorites. The film is gorgeous to watch, and I love the psychological aspect: is there really a monster, or is she just losing it? If you like it dark and moody, this one’s for you.

Jennifer’s Body

dir. Karyn Kusama | 2009 | Amazon | Vudu

If you maybe aren’t that big on horror but want to plan a good movie night with friends, this should be your pick. It’s Mean Girls teen comedy meets monsters hungry for flesh and is hilarious as well as bloody. The best movie (by far) that Megan Fox has ever been in.

Trick or Treat!

No Halloween night is complete without some treats . . . or tricks! Slasher films are the classic crowd pleaser. Because who doesn’t like to see some dumb, horny, unsuspecting teens meet their maker in increasingly ridiculous ways? I know it makes me feel better about my own mortality. . .

Slumber Party Massacre

dir. Amy Holden Jones | 1982 | Tubi | Amazon

I mean, the title says it all. You can’t go wrong with a classic slasher from the ’80s! This one also gets extra points since Amy Holden Jones not only directed, but also wrote and produced the film.

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

dir. Rachel Talalay | 1991 | Vudu | Amazon

There’s something about a classic that really brings out the holiday spirit. Do you need to watch all the other Nightmare on Elm Street flicks first? (There are five before this one!) Honestly, not really. This one starts over with a whole new cast of unfortunate teens, so all you really need to know is Freddy is the guy with the knife hand, and he’s out to kill you in your dreams.

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