Wednesday, October 30, 2019

8 Days of Halloween: Bloody

There are some days that you want some blood with your horror. These next amazing set of authors will give you that and a whole lot more.

Afterage – Yvonne Navarro
Skin – Kathe Koja
Dear Laura – Gemma Amor

Gardens of Babylon – Sara Brooke
Theme Music – T. Marie Vandelly
When I Arrived at the Castle – Emily Carroll

The Eighth – Stephanie Wytovich
Cats like Cream – Renee Miller
Without Condition – Sonora Taylor

The Sadist’s Bible – Nichole Cushing
Sadie the Sadist РZan̩ Sachs
The Bride Wore Brains – Emily Wesley Stringer

Teeth – Kelli Owen
Stranded – Renee Miller
Zombieville – C.V. Hunt

Twin Lakes: The Autumn Fires – Michelle Garza and Melisa Lason
Howl – Renee Miller
Mr. Suicide – Nichole Cushing

If you have any recommendations add them to the comments below!!!

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