Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shelf Edition: Jess

This month, our guest for Shelf Edition is Jess, who is @ghoulishspirit on social media. Here’s some info from her: Hi, I’m Jess, a 35-year-old stay at home mom with 3 kids, 2 girls and a baby boy (14, 9, and 16 months). I am successfully turning my little ones into mini bookworms as well. I’m an avid horror lover, coffee junkie, movie buff, music enthusiast, and animal lover who likes to style and decorate her dwellings like the Addams family abode. But don’t be fooled because I love color, glitter, and sparkles EVERYWHERE!!!!

Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books? 

I recently discovered horror poetry while reviewing some books. The author is Donna Lynch and she writes with her heart pinned to her sleeve. I am so happy I found her work because it’s very hard (especially being a woman in the horror field) to open yourself so willingly against negativity. Her book is called Choking Back the Devil and I highly recommend it. I’ve already read it 5 times and keep going back for more. Another recent favorite LOHF writer (that just topped number 1) that I’m reading/reviewing for is Mr. Stoker & I by Becky Wright. It’s a very beautifully written retelling of Dracula. This author is also so humble and an amazing person, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Jess Shelfie #1

What LOHF books do you have on your TBR?

I am basically your average bookworm, who buys faster than I can read, so I will most likely die under my “To Be Read” (TBR) pile. What surprised me though, when I was perusing my bookshelves, I never realized just how many women horror authors I had. I feel very fortunate for this. So to answer the questions, I have plenty on my TBR. To name a few authors with their novels that are at the top would be Jaime Jo Wright (all of them), The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell, The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring, His Hideous Heart by Dahlia Adler, and The Toll by Cherie Priest.

Jess Shelfie #2

Where do you find recommendations? Are there any LOHF books that have been recommended to you that you loved?

I tend to discover a lot of my books through friends, authors, and publishers on social media. I’ve been touching the tip of the iceberg of anthologies as well. I keep my eyes open for more from an author I enjoyed in the short stories. I have a tendency of grabbing all the books that the author has written.  As of late, I am gratefully able to work with new authors from reviewing books and building relationships with them and the publishers.

Where do you shop for books?

I absolutely adore buying my books from little mom and pop shops! Shopping locally in my used bookstores (unfortunately, they’re few and far between) and finding the hidden gems is what makes my heart so happy. There’s always a fulfilling accomplishment having an armful of books supporting author, publisher, and bookstore. You’ll also catch me on Amazon or publishers websites for the Indie stories I need in my life.

Jess Shelfie #4

Are there any upcoming LOHF releases you’re excited about? 

There are quite a few LOHF books I have my eye on, but I’ll give you my Top 5 for you to lookout for as well:

The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring (9/24/19)

His Hideous Heart by Dahlia Adler (9/10/19)

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones (9/24/19)

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (10/8/19)

Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper series) by Kerri Maniscalco (9/10/19)

Jess Shelfie #5

Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ghoulishspirit/

My Blog: https://ghoulishspirit.wordpress.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5011755-jess

Twitter: @ghoulishspirit

Thank you for joining us, Jess! Our tbr piles also thank you! If you would like to be featured on a future shelf edition please leave a note in the comments. We’d love to see your shelves!

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