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August 2019: Monthly Recap

During the month of August, the Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrated body horror and Women in Translation month! Thank you so much to Gwendolyn Kiste, Christa Carmen, and Amy Vaughn for contributing some amazing body horror guest posts this month! And thank you Tracy Fahey and Gabriela Houston for submitting your body horror stories to the Ladies of Horror Fiction podcast! Be sure to check out our body horror and women in translation recommendations as well as all of our LOHF reviews.


What We’ve Been Reading #14

What We’ve Been Reading #15

What We’ve Been Reading #16

What We’ve Been Reading #17

Podcast Episodes

Ladies of Horror Fiction presents Stories of Horror

Ladies of Horror Fiction Present Stories of Horror: Body Horror
Join Toni as she explores two different types of Body Horror in Tracy Fahey’s The Black Dog and Gabriela Houston’s Kozitka.

News and Announcements

August 2019 LOHF New Releases
Each month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team posts all of the books we are aware of that will be releasing during that month.

Cover Reveal: Velocities by Kathe Koja
The Ladies of Horror Fiction was recently asked if we would participate in the cover reveal for Velocities by Kathe Koja of course the answer was yes.

Special Topics and Guest Posts

Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Body Horror

Guest Post: This Undeniable Skin: The Grotesque and Lovely Wonders of Body Horror by Gwendolyn Kiste
“Sinew. Bone. Muscle. Nails. Blood. These bodies we occupy are simultaneously beautiful and horrifying.”

Guest Post: Why Body Horror, or, Why Do We Entertain Ourselves with Grotesque Mutations, Demonic Gestation, Parasitic Infections, and Ghastly Mutilations By Christa Carmen
“The type of horror that can be described as ‘body horror’ is astronomical in scope.”

Guest Post: Busting a Gut: Body Horror, Humor, and the Meaning of Life by Amy Vaughn
“Bodies are a horror show.* Slice open our bumpy, hairy surfaces, and bright reds, deep purples, and fatty yellows spill out. Inside, we are weird and squishy and complicated, and oh-so-much more fragile than we wish we were.”

LOHF Recommends: Body Horror
August is body horror month here at the LOHF. The team has put together a list of recommendations of amazing body horror books.

Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Women in Translation

Women in Translation Month: Horror Edition
August is Women in Translation month. It is a celebration of stories written by women that have been translated into English.

Young Adult and Middle Grade Horror Spotlight

YA/MG Horror Spotlight August 2019
The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is putting a spotlight on Young Adult and Middle Grade horror each month.

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