Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What We've Been Reading #15

The Ladies of Horror Fiction have a new round of reviews to get you through your Wednesday!

Sing Your Sadness Deep by Laura Mauro

British Fantasy Award-winning author, and Shirley Jackson Award finalist Laura Mauro, a leading voice in contemporary dark fiction, delivers a remarkable debut collection of startling short fiction. Human and humane tales of beauty, strangeness, and transformation told in prose as precise and sparing as a surgeon’s knife. A major new talent!

Featuring “Looking for Laika,” winner of the British Fantasy Award, and “Sun Dogs,” a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.

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Toni’s Teaser Review

There is something to be said for books that you can’t put down. Where the stories pull you in and don’t let go. Where the horror creeps up on you. At first you think you are safe….but in reality you aren’t. The false sense of security it lovely….until you no longer are safe. Sing Your Sadness Deep by Laura Mauro was one of those horror sleepers.

Click here to see Toni’s full review at The Misadventures of a Reader.

The Pulse Between Dimensions And The Desert by Rios De La Luz Book Cover

The Pulse Between Dimensions And The Desert by Rios de la Luz

“Rios de la Luz’s writing blows minds and breaks hearts. A sort of new and bizarre Tomás Rivera, Rios is able to blend the familiar of the domestic with the all the wilderness of the universe. Her stories will grab you in places you didn’t know you had, take you by those places to where you’ve always wanted to go—though you never knew how to get there. Buy this book and enjoy that journey.” —Brian Allen Carr “In The Pulse between Dimensions and the Desert, Rios de la Luz’s writing is electric and alive. It grabs you and pulls you into her universe, one that is both familiar and foreign, a place where Martians find love, bad guys get their ears cut off, and time travel agents save lost children. In this innovative, heartfelt debut, de la Luz takes her place as a young author that demands to be read and watched.” —Juliet Escoria 

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Emily’s Teaser Review

This is my second Rios de la Luz book, and her storytelling is so damn good. This collection is entertaining, gorgeous, strange, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. There’s a little something for everyone here. If you’re a speculative fiction fan, I can’t recommend Rios’ books enough. 

Click here to see Emily’s full review at Goodreads.

Itza by Rios de la Luz Book Cover

Itza by Rios de la Luz

In her debut novella, Rios de la Luz examines the lives a small family of water witches living near the US-Mexico boarder. Exploring issues of race and trauma along with beauty and magic, Itzá is a powerful reclamation of body and identity.

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Tracy’s Teaser Review

My friend Emily sent me this book for my birthday. She read it and loved it and gambled that I would, too.  She was right. Why did she think I’d like this? Perhaps because Itzá is dark and disturbing. Or maybe because it’s a coming of age tale focusing on a pair of sisters. Perhaps because de la Luz can and DOES write her ass off and this book is beautiful.  Yeah, all of those.

Click here to see Tracy’s full review at Sci-fi & Scary.

Thanks for joining us today and we hope you found something to add to your tbr list! Please share your recent reads with us in the comments below.

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