Thursday, June 20, 2019

LOHF Shelf Edition: Alex from Hey Little Thrifter

This month we’re talking with Alex from Hey Little Thrifter for the LOHF Shelf Edition! Alex is a reviewer, booktuber, and bookstagrammer. She is passionate about vintage books, and even has a blog and booktube review series just to talk about vintage horror by women called Nightmare Queens!

Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books?

Last year I read my first Kathe Koja novel, The Cipher, and it blew me away. I fell in love with her writing and it became an instant favourite! This year I followed it up with Bad Brains and that one was just as amazing, so even though I’m late to the Koja party she is definitely a new favourite author of mine. I’m desperate to read more of her work but I’m trying to pace myself!

Alex Shelfie #1

What LOHF books do you have on your TBR?

I am really looking forward to reading more vintage LOHF – I have a review series on my Booktube channel and blog called Nightmare Queens where I focus on horror from the 70s, 80s and 90s written by women. I’ve read some excellent ones so far such as The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons, and Wait and See by Ruby Jean Jensen. A few on my TBR are Somebody Come and Play by Clare McNally, The Making of a Monster by Gail Petersen, and The Auctioneer by Joan Samson.

Where do you find recommendations? Are there any LOHF books that have been recommended to you that you loved?

I typically find myself going down a rabbit hole of looking at secondhand books online and just seeing what takes my fancy! My wishlist is a mile long (and always growing lol)! Also, I’ve found some great books through recommendations on Goodreads, from other Bookstagrammers and Booktubers, and of course LOHF is an amazing resource.

Ania Ahlborn is an author that I have seen recommended by so many people (especially on Bookstagram!) I read Brother by her recently and it was excellent, so I’m glad I finally checked out her work and I look forward to reading more by her.

Several 80's & 90's classic horror novels

Where do you shop for books?

Most of my books are secondhand and I find the majority of them at thrift stores and library book sales. But a lot of the horror novels I find in the wild are by male authors so I spend time tracking down more by female authors online, at sites such as Abebooks and eBay.

Wait and See by Ruby Jean Jensen Book Cover

Are there any upcoming LOHF releases you’re excited about?

I am honestly pretty out of the loop on new releases so I don’t have anything specific on my radar. I get very excited about ‘new to me’ authors and books rather than necessarily just ‘new’!

Horror books & roses

Where can people find you on social media?






Thank you so much for sharing with us, Alex! We loved seeing all of those classic horror novel covers. Readers, please let us know if you want to share your shelves, too!

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