Tuesday, June 25, 2019

LOHF Presents Stories of Horror: Part 2 of Luella Miller by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Join Toni as she tries to figure out what exactly Luella is. Will part 2 of Lydia Anderson’s story offer any more clues?

Our heroine Lydia Anderson was telling the story of Luella Miller. When we left off Luella’s husband and sister in law were dead and her aunt Mrs. Abby Mixter, was on death’s door. Lydia had sent for Aunt Abby’s daughter, Mrs. Sam Abbot, however, she is too late. And she begins to tell Luella Miller what she thinks of her. When Luella crash’s to the floor. This is where our story picks up.

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The music for this episode is from Nicolas Gasparini atthedarkpiano.com

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