Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What We've Been Reading #3

The Ladies of Horror Fiction crew have been busy with some great books as of late:

Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt

Strang isn’t the small, quaint town it appears to be. It’s haunted every night by a creature the townsfolk refer to as Halloween. Once the sun sets each day, Halloween emerges to collect its treats: a small, live offering from each household. The residents comply because no one wants to be the target of Halloween’s tricks. But the nightmare of residing in Strang is nothing compared to the yearly ritual Halloween demands of the citizens on All Hallows’ Eve.

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Lilyn’s Review Teaser

It had good pacing, dialogue, and excellent atmosphere. The ending made me grin in a bit of black-hearted delight.

Lilyn’s full review can be read at Goodreads.

The Haunting of Henderson Close by Catherine Cavendish

Ghosts have always walked there. Now they’re not alone…

In the depths of Edinburgh, an evil presence is released.

Hannah and her colleagues are tour guides who lead their visitors along the spooky, derelict Henderson Close, thrilling them with tales of spectres and murder. For Hannah it is her dream job, but not for long. Who is the mysterious figure that disappears around a corner? What is happening in the old print shop? And who is the little girl with no face?

The legends of Henderson Close are becoming all too real. The Auld De’il is out – and even the spirits are afraid.

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Sam’s Review Teaser

The creep-factor here is excellent, I found myself with goosebumps more than once during my reading, but the fear never feels cheap. It all fits really nicely into a solid story that left me scared and satisfied.

Sam’s full review can be read at Sci-Fi & Scary.

The Kalbrandt Institute Archives, Book II: Monsters by Chris Chelser

Several months after her first encounter with the archives, Eva’s training relentlessly pushes her psychometric ability to the limit.

While digging for memories hidden in fossilised bones and ancient documents, she discovers the true purpose of her job, and any hope she had of leaving is dashed. With the help of a new ally, Eva exposes disturbing facts about their boss. Unable to escape his grasp, they will have to find another way to fight back.

Because there can be no doubt that they work for a monster…

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Lilyn’s Review Teaser

For readers that that are more interested in suspense rather than horror, there will be lots to love in this book. For the horror lovers out there – the scenes are few, but they are there.

Lilyn’s full review can be read on Goodreads.

The Worst Is Yet to Come by S.P. Miskowski

or most of her fourteen years, Tasha Davis has languished in the rural-suburban town of Skillute, Washington. Her parents offer plenty of comfortable—if stifling—emotional support, but what she needs is a best friend.

In her final year at Clark Middle School, Tasha meets a strange, new classmate. Briar Kenny is the self-styled rebel Tasha wants to be, and the Davises are the kind of close-knit family Briar covets. A moment of unexpected violence spawns a secret between the two girls and awakens a mystery from the past.

Unknown to Tasha and Briar, their secret also attracts something monstrous from a forgotten corner of Skillute. The town is haunted by its history, scarred with the lingering spirit of broken and scattered families, abandoned real estate ventures, and old scores never settled between neighbors. But there’s more to the place than memory and legend. Beneath the landscape something malignant rages, and it will stop at nothing to find a route into the physical world.

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Tracy’s Review Teaser

I think a re-read may be in my future just so I can marvel at how this storyline comes together. It boasts an insidious horror that is personal, societal, psychological, and supernatural.

Tracy’s full review can be read at Sci-Fi & Scary.

What LOHF books have you read recently? Please let us know!

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