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The Winter People Readalong: Week 3

The LOHF Readalong of The Winter People

We are now 75% through The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. Be sure to check out week 1, week 2, and the full readalong schedule.

Spoiler discussion ahead! The Ladies of Horror Fiction team has come up with some discussion questions for this section, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as well!


1. After reading this section, have your opinions changed on whether or not Gertie was murdered? Who do you think is responsible for her death?

Lilyn: I think she was murdered but not sure on the whodunnit.

Tracy: I still think Gertie was murdered. Signs point to dear old Dad but I’m willing to be there’s some kind of twist. It feels a bit familiar.

Jen: I still have no idea, but I’m narrowing it down.

Cat: You know those times that the culprit just seems too blatantly obvious? I feel that’s the case here; all signs point to Martin. He was indeed my first guess as well, but after some thinking, I want to change direction a bit. My primary suspect is now Lucius. He seems a bit too eager to lock Sara away.

Audra: I definitely think she was murdered but I don’t know who did it. I think it’s supposed to be a surprise.

2. Do you think Fawn’s health/fevers are part of the larger story?

Lilyn: No. I think it’s just for convenience.

Tracy: If they aren’t a part of the larger story then I’m even more annoyed with having to see the word fever almost every other page. I feel like every time I read about fevers now, I will think of this book.

Jen: I don’t. I think her fevers are part of her character development. This book has a lot of elements, and I’m not sure they are all integral to the story.

Cat: I have no doubt! It’s been mentioned a lot, hasn’t it?

Audra: If they aren’t, then why is she sick all the time? I hope that gets explained at least.

3. How does Katherine’s husband Gary fit into all of this?

Lilyn: Again I say convenience. She needed a reason for the photographs and the women to meet.

Jen: I’m hoping Gary ties deeper into all of this. There are so many threads, I’d like to discover they are tightly woven.

Cat: I think, since he was in possession of the missing pages and whatnot, he sought out Alice to get some answers. He probably ventured into the Devil’s Hand out of curiosity, and likely some desire to bring his son back from the dead.

Audra: Gary met up with the girls’ mom, so he must have known something about Ruthie’s past, or maybe what’s going on in the woods.

4. Have you noticed any parallels with Pet Sematary? What about other literary works?

Lilyn: I choose to remain silent on this question.

Tracy: So much in common with PS. There are lines that could’ve been taken right from Kong’s work. They aren’t, but the content is so similar. Not plagiarism or anything.

Jen: It’s been so long since I’ve read Pet Sematary. Our group discussions are making me realize just how overdue I am for a reread!

Audra: This book is Pet Sematary city. King doesn’t have a copyright on bringing people back from the dead, but the themes in this book of losing children are very similar to his book.


“I told you not to go in the woods,” Fawn whispered to Mimi. “Bad things happen to little girls who go in the woods.”

She was his great adventure; his love for her had taken him places he’d never dreamed of going.

Do you have any favorite quotes from this section? We would love for you to share them!

Thanks for joining us for week 3! Let us know your thoughts on this section in the comments and be sure to hashtag us on social media at #LOHFReadalong so we can join in and share! We can’t wait to hear what you think next week as well. We are already diving into the last section to find out all of the answers!

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