Tuesday, April 2, 2019

National Poetry Month



April is National Poetry Month. In the last few years the ladies have been killing the horror poetry scene. In celebration of National Poetry Month, the LOHF have a series of guest posts from some of the modern ladies of prose.

April 4th – Donna Lynch author of Witches

April 11th – Cina Pelayo author of Poems of My Night

April 18th – Sara Tantalinger author of The Devil’s Dreamland

April 25th – Christina Sng author of A Collection of Nightmares

A large amount of poetry was written during the Victorian era. The poems were not all hearts and flowers but some poetry dealt with a topic which most people would find horrifying. Death. Death would have been stalking the living through the streets and in every sitting room. Disease ran rife through entire families and towns. It was the evil that was lurking in food and water. The idea of death was discussed in many gothic poems. There are so many different themes that can be explored in horror poetry: nightmares, serial killers and death. Poems allow us to deal with aspects of the human condition.

In 1890 Emily Dickinson wrote Because I Could Not Stop for Death. Dickinson took the fear of death and personified death as a kindly gentleman caller who wanted to usher the reader to the other side. In modern poetry we could draw a parallel to the poem Kiss Me Before You Kill Me which was penned by Sara Tantlinger in her collection Love for Slaughter. In Tantlinger’s poem death is a lover which caresses the victim with tenderness and love. In each poem death is not something to be feared but rather something that is going to come for us all.

If you haven’t read much poetry, horror poetry may be your jam. Blood, gore and murder runs through our four guest poets guest posts.


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