Monday, April 15, 2019

Five Things We Learned from the #LadiesOfHorrorFiction Instagram Challenge

We learned several things doing the challenge that was the first step in getting Ladies of Horror Fiction established. We thought we’d take a minute to reflect.

  1. Posting a new picture for a prompt every day is a pain in the butt and many of us salute you all who do it regularly. (Seriously, how do you have enough books to do a post every day?! Let alone the motivation!)
  2. As we suspected, lots of people hadn’t heard of many of the women that were suddenly being brought to attention. What surprised us was how happily eager everyone was to learn more and to read more! We all went into this knowing that we wanted to focus on women horror writers, but we’d each admit also that we didn’t exactly have vast libraries of horror written by women ourselves. So we were learning new names and new books right along with everyone.
  3. You bookstagrammers rock! Seriously. Even though we chose just a handful to recap for every post there were so many gorgeous photos posted that highlighted so many amazing women. (And some of us (Lilyn!) are definitely jealous on how you manage to put so many things together into a picture that looks good!)
  4. Ladies of Horror Fiction (LOHF) forming was something that needed to be done. Women are sometimes afraid to self-promote as much as men. Women often face the (stupid) perception that they can’t write horror as good as men. Women are consistently overlooked by publishers unless it’s in an acceptable genre (Romance, Kidlit), but nowhere is it more evident than it is in horror.
  5. We were surprised by how instantly accepted we were by many men in the community who instantly acknowledged that we were a need! I don’t think any of us knew what to expect, but when men started talking us up, shouting us out, pointing out what we were doing, it gave us all the warm’n’fuzzies on a massive level.

Thank you to everyone who participated in that first challenge (and everyone who participated in our second!) We know we don’t have the space to highlight every bookstagrammer who took part, but we would like to shout-out several of you for making gorgeous photos and helping to spread the word.

Again there were many, many more who participated in the challenge, but it is it late the person that is writing this post is very, very tired, so blame the need for sleep if you were left off this list!

Thank you again, ladies and gents, for giving Ladies of Horror Fiction the kick-off of a lifetime. We are so happy to be a part of this horror community!

We thought it appropriate to end with this picture from our very own Tracy.

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I have love for this book. Love. I'm finishing up a little reading/personal journey that began this summer; I'll be sharing soon. This book by Tiffany McDaniel was such a large part of it. . . . While not technically horror, there are some horrific elements and I promise this book stays with you. Lingers. There was no other choice for me when it came to Day 22 of the #ladiesofhorrorfiction challenge: "summer". The last parts of the novel shattered me; I'm still finding pieces here and there. McDaniel's prose is a thing of beauty and there are moments when her knowledge of the English language and how it can be used just left me staring. Have you read this? Thoughts? . . . . #bookphotography #photochallenge #booksofig #booknerd #womenempoweringwomen #thesummerthatmeltedeverything #tiffanymcdaniel #bookish #bookworm #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #summerreading #constantreader #readersofinstagram #bookfeaturepage #bookstoread #booklover

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