Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Without Condition by Sonora Taylor Review

Without Condition by Sonora Taylor Book Cover

Cara Vineyard lives a quiet life in rural North Carolina. She works for an emerging brewery, drives her truck late at night, and lives with her mother on a former pumpkin farm. Her mother is proud of her and keeps a wall displaying all of Cara’s accomplishments.

Cara isn’t so much proud as she is bored. She’s revitalized when she meets Jackson Price, a pharmacist in Raleigh. Every day they spend together, she falls for him a little more — which in turn makes her life more complicated. When Cara goes on her late-night drives, she often picks up men. Those men tend to die. And when Cara comes back to the farm, she brings a memento for her mother to add to her wall of accomplishments.

Cara’s mother loves her no matter what. But she doesn’t know if Jackson will feel the same — and she doesn’t want to find out.


Several of the LOHF crew read Without Condition as a group read. We had a fantastic time discussing all things murdery! Below are a few snippets from our reviews and links to our complete thoughts.

Jen’s Teaser Review

If you enjoy dark romance and need a great read for Women in Horror Month, Without Condition might be an excellent choice for you. I am definitely open to reading more of Sonora Taylor’s work in the future.

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Emily’s Teaser Review

The loneliness in this book is palpable, and Sonora is a talented author.

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Laurie’s Teaser Review

The entire book is a deep dive into the tortured mind of characters deeply scarred by the words of others and I found it endlessly fascinating.

Click here to read Laurie’s full review on Bark At the Ghoul’s

Tracy’s Teaser Review

I just know people are really going to dig this book. As I always say in reviews like this, I’m looking forward to reading more from this author!!

Click here to read Tracy’s full review on Goodreads

About Sonora Taylor

Author Photo of Sonora Taylor

Sonora Taylor is the author of The Crow’s Gift and Other TalesPlease Give, and Wither and Other Stories. Her short story, “Hearts are Just ‘Likes,'” was published in Camden Park Press’s Quoth the Raven, an anthology of stories and poems that put a contemporary twist on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Her work has appeared in The Sirens Call, a horror eZine; and Mercurial Stories, a weekly flash fiction literary journal. Her second novel, Without Condition, will be released on February 12, 2019. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband. You can visit her website and blog at sonorawrites.com.

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