Monday, September 3, 2018

The "Ladystack" Recap

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During the month of August, the Ladies of Horror Fiction team hosted a #ladiesofhorrorfiction challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to post a photo of a horror book(s) written by a woman author corresponding to the prompt of the day for each day of August. We don’t think any of us knew how rewarding (or hard!) this challenge was going to be! (There was also a not-inconsiderable drain on a few of our checking accounts as we discovered all these books we didn’t know existed that we simply had to have. )

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in or share the challenge. The response and the support we received was incredible. We finished the challenge with over 1300 photos of books by women horror authors being shared using the #ladiesofhorrorfiction hashtag. It was such great fun to see women horror writers positively promoted every day! The discussion the prompts and QOTD’s brought were amazing as well.

Over the next 30 weeks we will be sharing highlights from each day of the challenge. We discovered a lot of really amazing books and women authors over the course of the challenge. Our TBRs are toppling over. We hope you will check out our recaps each week and please let us know if you discover anything new to add to your stack.

The first challenge prompt was to show us a book stack made up entirely of horror books by women. We realized from day one how hard it was going to be to only select a few photos to highlight each week. The participants in the challenge rocked!!

Be sure to check out more from each instagrammer who participated in the challenge.
Did you spot any of your favorite Ladies of Horror in these book stacks? Be sure to let us know!

Next week we will be sharing our favorite selections from the “Haunted” prompt.

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